MID-ULSTER LEAGUE: Dollingstown cleared of player eligibility problem

Dollingstown manager Stephen Uprichard.
Dollingstown manager Stephen Uprichard.

Mid-Ulster Football League officials have dismissed a player eligibility issue connected to Dollingstown.

A league management committee meeting last night (Tuesday) was held to review paperwork connected to a Dollingstown player’s registration with two clubs.

Officials concluded, following analysis of the relevant paperwork and Dollingstown’s evidence, that the recently-crowned Mid-Ulster Football Intermediate League Section A champions did not commit any offence.

A small fine was issued in relation to failure to submit a Request For Information form during the registration period.

However, it is understood that held minimal relevance to the specific circumstances of the player’s ultimate eligibility question.

A red flag initially raised by another club - during a routine examination in preparation for summer plans - led to questions over an administrative discrepancy.

League officials postponed last weekend’s Marshall Cup semi-final for reasons of due diligence to examine the documentation at a meeting.

A league spokesman described the governing body as “duty-bound as an organisation to ascertain the situation”.

Punishment relating to player eligibility covers the deduction of points per appearance and expulsion from any cup competitions.

However, with Dollingstown cleared of any impropriety, the Marshall Cup match with Crewe United will now kick off tomorrow (Thursday).

Dollingstown also have a play-off on the cards for a rapid return to the Premier Intermediate League, the domestic game’s third-tier division.