Hope it’s start of a good run


IT’S a big win but we get the same points for winning against Carrick as we do for winning against anyone else. It’s a big booster for us, especially to come from 2-1 behind.

Let’s hope it’s the start of a good run but at the same time, we all know it’s only one game and we can’t look too far ahead of ourselves. Hopefully it will give the boys a massive boost in confidence and we now know that we have that extra side that I had questioned.

I always questioned if we had the winning mentality to come back and win games after we’ve gone behind but we saw it on Saturday and that’s what we want to see more often.

We were terrible defensively in the first half. Every time they came forward, they looked like they were going to score.

It wasn’t good enough. It was shocking and embarrassing and we were all embarrassed. We laid into the players at half-time and that’s the first time that I’ve had to do it since I joined the club. We don’t want to have to do that because then it means we’re playing badly. I felt that we needed it at half-time and we got the right reaction in the second half and deservedly won the game. I was extremely pleased with the second half performance.

In the first half, I was dying to get onto the pitch and do something about it but at the same time on the sidelines you can see other things. I thought that we needed that change in midfield at the time we brought Conor Hagan on. He changed the game and although Matty Burrows didn’t get any chances, he gave them something else to think about.