It was embarrassing

Manager’s View

WE weren’t good on Saturday at all.

I was very humiliated and embarrassed to be honest. We were absolutely abysmal.

Up until they scored, it was fairly even but the two goals we conceded were so poor it was unbelievable. The first one should have been dealt with a lot better and the second one was a schoolboy error from Brendan Shannon, pushing their guy in the back when he wasn’t even in a goal-scoring position.

Then we went in 2-0 down at the break and nobody was happy. We made a couple of changes but it didn’t work out. We lost Mark Miskimmin to injury and we then brought on Andy Graham but it had no impact whatsoever.

The mistakes we’re making are costing us very badly but we didn’t create anything either. We were bossed out of the game, they wanted it more than us and they were far better than us.

We hold our hands up and say there are no excuses for a performance like that. We were devoid of any ideas, spirit, hunger, desire or aggression. It was all missing on the day and it was a really bad performance.

Niall Henderson played well and Jay Magee did well apart from the first goal but that was about it. I thought we would have passed it about better but it didn’t happen.

We had some really poor performers. I don’t know how the papers gave some of them six or seven out of ten. To me we had a few four or fives out there.

Ciaran Doherty will have to learn quickly from his sending off for two reckless challenges. He needs to learn that you can’t do that. He did the same thing at Donegal Celtic, picking up two yellow cards.

But the buck stops at the manager’s door. I have to carry the can for it and the fans let me know on Saturday that they weren’t pleased. I take it right on the chin and I don’t blame them whatsoever.

You don’t get anything when you give away goals like we did and we only had one shot on target during the whole game and that was a problem.

I’m as disappointed as I can remember. To lie down in a derby match and let them tickle our bellies was very, very bad.