Keep the head up Brendan

Fan’s View

PORTADOWN will say that they deserved their win on Monday but I think we were worthy of a point at least.

The boys did well to hold off Portadown in the first half, although we didn’t force many chances of our own. We were defending well, particularly Jay Magee, who’s been absolutely brilliant this season.

Then in the second half we got going ourselves and how we didn’t score is beyond me. It was the same old story up front; our forwards aren’t clinical enough. If Gary (Hamilton) had been playing, we’d probably have won the game.

We created so many chances and wasted them all. We were passing it about well and it’s just the finishing touch that’s missing. Hopefully Gary can put that right himself in January.

(Kevin) Braniff’s goal was really well taken but the cross hung in the air for a long time, surely someone could have got closer to him.

Then the second goal was just a farce. I like Brendy (Brendan Shannon) and I think he’s been a good player for us but it was ridiculous. The fans certainly let him know how they felt about it too. He needs to learn and fast because that sort of behaviour isn’t on. First he pushes the referee to get sent off and now this. Especially in the derby and when we’re looking like scoring. He gave the game to them.

Hopefully he can pick himself up though and come back from this but an apology or something to the fans would be nice. I’m sure he knows he’s let everyone down. My message to him would be to keep the head up and come back stronger, if he’s given the chance to. He’s a good player and hopefully he gets the bit between his teeth now to come back and make it up to the fans. Another goal against the Ports like last season and all will be forgotten!

Overall, we matched them for long parts of the game. Next time we play them, Gary will be on the pitch so roll on the Irish Cup next month.