Marty will turn it around

Fan’s View

I STILL think Marty can turn things round.

It wasn’t a good performance on Saturday, even before the sending off but we really did miss Niall Henderson in the middle. He’s probably been our best player so far this season and you could see the effect of him not being there. We weren’t passing the ball as well as normal and we couldn’t seem to get out of defence.

We sat very deep after our goal and were inviting them on. It’s in those sort of situations that we should be looking to go and rattle up another two or three goals.

Scoring goals is obviously becoming a problem too. Our strikers haven’t looked like scoring. Is it time to give Joe Finlay a proper run out? Is he ready? I don’t know but it’s not working with the other guys at the minute.

Hopefully they can start scoring soon. Kelbie was great at Ballymena and Miskimmin looks lively. Diarmuid O’Carroll’s a great link-up player, if they can start getting a few goals and confidence lifts, who knows.

I thought the officials were poor again on Saturday. Performances, as usual, have been below par this year and it’s high time something was done about it. Accountability is required in any job, why should they be any different?

I’m still confident that things will turn around for us and that it will happen under Marty Quinn. Keep the faith.