Mixed fortunes for St Anthony’s

ST Anthony’s had mixed fortunes in their last two matches - taking all seven points from one game while only managing a single point from the second game.

They lost to St Saviour’s but then hit back to whitewash St Matthew’s.

St Saviour’s 44(6)

St Anthony’s 39(1)

Scores were(St Saviour’s first):

M. Hobson, J. Moffett, H. McIvor, M. Wilson 10 P. Thompson, B. Moore, B. Wilson, D. McDonald 9; P. Moffett, D. Agnew, U. Shaw, A. Hughes 8 E. Moore, H. Dillon, A. Polin, S. Conroy 7; S. Whittle, G. Smith, P. Whittle, D. Jordan 9 E. Moore, E. McElroy, S. Breen, K. Trainor 13; M. Whitla, E. Whitten, R. Walker, T. Mulholland 17 C. Breen, G. Magennis, C. Trainor, T. Crawford 10.

St Matthew’s 20(0)

St Anthony’s 48(7)

Scores were(St Matthew’s first):

R. Lester, W. Jackson, S. Robinson, D. Burrows 3 H. Dillon, C. Herron, P. Corvan, D. McDonald 12; R. Farquhar, J. Mulholland, J. McNally, N. Uprichard 7 C. Breen, B. Wilson, D. Wright, S. Conroy 12; F. Robinson, H. Farmer, H. Agnew, F. McNally 4 C. Magennis, E. McDonald, K. Trainor, J. Murnaghan 15; L. Sharpe, A. Robinson, G. Buckley, A. Caldwell 6 P. Thompson, S. Breen, C. Trainor, T. Crawford 9.

Kilmore 32(1.5)

St John’s 34(5.5)

Scores were(Kilmore first):

M. Lennon, J. Maguinness, L. McRory, J. Maguinness 9 G. Bateman, B. Hutchinson, W. Coulter, I. Ferguson 9; M. Collen, M. McRory, L. McCusker, P. Rooney 4 T. Ferguson, A. Magowan, A. Mulligan, C. Whitty 12; A. McConville, F. O’Dowd, C. Rooney, L. Maguinness 12 N. Perry, G. Bleakes, B. Jones, S. White 5; M. Harte, K. Maguinness, T. Murphy, M. Quinn 7 A. Kirk, M. Kirkwood, J. Taylor, B. Martin 8.

Mullavilly 32(3.5)

Waringstown 32(3.5)

Scores were(Mullavilly first):

R. Irwin, C. Whitten, R. Kennedy, M. Milligan 10 M. Abbott, R. Russell, N. Wilson, K. McCoy 6; B. Wright, B. Quinn, J. Haffey, D. Ewart 8 J. Gilchrist, A. Turkington, R. Harrison, A. Reid 9; B. Burns, H. Beresford, L. Milligan, E. Kennedy 6 A. McCullough, B. McCoy, K. McCoy, T. Perry 10; S. McKinney, M. Sergeant, T. Irwin, J. Wright 8 J. Copeland, M. Hamilton, T. Anderson, N. McCoy 7.

Moira Pres 25(1)

Portadown GC 47(6)

Scores were(Moira first):

A. McNally, G. Bell, R. McNally, F. Todd 4 H. Corkin, W. Armstrong, E. McReynolds, D. Allen 13; J. McCaughey, J. Coulter, U. Parr, K. Nelson 7 M. Cooper, G. Weir, D. Lee, E. Patterson 7; M. Nelson, F. Nolan, F. Shannon, D. Mawhinney 5 L. Holloway, S. Girvan, S. Livingstone, G. Robinson 18; JD Logan, NB Logan, J. Pithie, N. Fairley 9 M. Bullough, H. McCartney, E. Corkin, G. Holloway 9.

Lakeside 37(5)

Queen Street 29(2)

Scores were(Lakeside first):

C. McDonald, J. Lappin, M. McHugh, B. McAlinden 6 A. Plackitt, M. Smith, O. Gillespie, B. Boness 8; M. Long, E. McConville, M. Lappin, J. Campbell 13 S. Smyth, N. Johnston, H. Smyth, T. Hatton 4; B. McCrilly, S. Devlin, J. Robinson, C. Mackle 14 G. Wilson, M. Lynch, J. Scorah, R. McCarthy 5; A. Hamill, J. Hamill, C. Henderson, J. Mackle 4 E. Wilson, G. White, C. Law, A. Cassells 12.

St Matthew’s 28(2)

St Saviour’s 36(5)

Scores were(St Matthew’s first):

F. Robinson, J. Mulholland, G. Buckley, D. Burrows 4 E. Lavery, M. Whitla, P. Whitla, R. Walker 14; R. Lester, A. Robinson, A. Caldwell, W. Gilpin 10 S. Whitla, M. Hobson, E. Whitten, T. Mulholland 8; R. Farquhar, L. Sharpe, M. Beattie, N. Uprichard 7 M. Hobson, R. Hobson, U. Shaw, H. McIvor 7; W. Jackson, J. Frizzell, H. Agnew, F. McNally 7 R. Lipsett, P. Moffett, J. Moffett, A. Hughes 7.

St Paul’s 29(1)

St Patrick’s Blue 38(6)

Scores were(St Paul’s first):

S. Sullivan, B. McCorry, B. Walsh, P. McGrail 7 H. Nattray, K. Mallon, E. Toal, J. Donnelly 9; A. McKavanagh, M. Campbell, G. Little, M. Corey 6 P. Greene, O. Cullen, P. Vallely, I. Mullen 12; G. Colman, A. Donnelly, M. Ward, D. Dempsey 10 G. McKeever, K. Sheridan, B. McGleenan, J. Hughes 8; J. Mallon, J. Lavery, C. McGrail, J. McVeigh 6 E. Greene, E. McCone, M. Livingston, B. Donnelly 9.

St Malachy’s 47(6)

Tandragee GC 38(1)

Scores were(St Malachy’s first):

I. Shortt, I. McCann, JP Henderson, T. Lawless 14 A. Gibney, W. Yeoman, L. Grimley, J. Leckey 9; D. Russell, E. O’Neill, J. Quinn, E. Quinn 14 M. Andrews, J. Carson, J. Quinn, P. Lappin 6; F. Hayes, S. Morgan, C. Coleman, M. Tennyson 11 O. Ford, L. Walsh, G. Ford, G. Laverty 6; S. McCaffrey, A. Dunbar, T. McCaffrey, J. Lawless 8 D. yeoman, M. Hill, T. Burns, A. Walsh 17.

Tullysaran 55(7)

St Malachy’s 18(0)

Scores were(Tullysaran first):

W. Conlon, M. Connolly, P. Mallon, A. Rooney 16 E. O’Neill, JP Henderson, T. Lawless 3; E. Conlon, G. garvey, M. Trainor, K. Daly 17 F. Hayes, S. Morgan, C. Coleman, M. Tennyson 2; M. Conlon, PJ Conlon, F. McGready, P. Garvey 13 S. McCaffrey, A. Dunbar, T. McCaffrey, J. Lawless 6, F. Daly, B. Jones, C. Trainor, H. Trainor 9 D. Russell, I. McCann, J. Quinn, E. Quinn.