A good week for the leaders in winter league

Conor McEvoy
Conor McEvoy

Dawson’s Duffers picked a good week to have five great scores.

Their combined score was 151 which normally gained them ten points but as week 3 was a Joker week when each score doubled they earned 20 league points giving them a two point lead over three teams.

The Printer’s, Monty’s Marauders and Only Two People all on 38 league points.

Jim McCann Snr must have had a word with his team as they scored an incredible 154 combined points to earn 20 league points and shoot them up the table.

The Rev’s Boys had their prayers answered this week as five turned up and each one had great scores to earn 145 combined points earning themselves 18 league points and moving off the bottom

Unfortunately The Magnificent 8 and The Red Arrows didn’t take advantage of the Joker Week and missed out not gaining any points as not enough players turned up to give themselves a chance

It could be one of these two teams picking up the ‘wooden spoon’ at the end of the competition.

There is still a lot of golf to be played and no doubt a few more ups and down to come along.