B team too strong for Divis

LURGAN B 87 (6)

DIVIS B 67 (1)

Lurgan B secured six valuable points on Saturday in their NIBA Division 5 clash with Divis B.

Rink one skipped once again by Bobby Jones, D.Dempsey, D.McCabrey and V.Devlin sailed into a eight point lead from their first three ends, and indeed carried on scoring to lead 21-7 by the fifteenth end.

However they only secured one additional shot by the 21st end but fortunately the opposition were only managing single shots to finish 22-12 and with the opposition a man short they lost a quarter to finish 22-9.

Rink 2 skipped by Billy Martin, J.McCullough, C.Maguire and N.Sloan struggled to get a hold of the game throughout, losing heavily by 15 shots, the score 8-23.

Rink 3 skipped by J.Gilliland, who stepped in owing to Gordon Bell needing to step down, brought his experience and encouragement to the rink consisting of W.McCullough, R.Livingstone and R.Poots and lead at the half way stage 14-8 and at the sixteenth end led 25-11 and even though they were only to gain a further two shots in the last five ends they finished winning by 9 shots 27-18.

Rink 4 skipped by Eamonn Quinn, G.Stewart, D.Henderson, R.McCarthy ran out convincing winners by 30 shots to 17.

By the seventh end they were leading 17-4 and even though they failed to score in the next four ends they got three good scores to lead 27-12 at the fifteenth and held on to win by 13 shots.

Another good result and if they manage to keep up with the same consistency they may well challenge for the division five title in their first year in the league.