Board vote in back door system

For the first time in the history of Armagh football the clubs in the County have passed a motion to introduce a back door system in the senior, intermediate and junior championships.

The motion was passed by a majority of delegates at last weeks County Convention and the new structures are set to be introduced in the 2014 season.

While many club players have welcomed the fact they will be involved in more championship games, some feel the excitement of the sudden death nature of Championship football could be eroded.

In all three championships, teams who are beaten in first round of games will take part in a series of qualifier matches with four clubs from the so called back door system joining unbeaten sides in the quarter-finals.

The Armagh County Board will no doubt welcome the idea, considering that revenue from an increased number of ties will swell the coffers.

Some club members have raised concerns over the lack of communication in the lead up to the vote.

Clan na Gael, St. Paul’s, St. Peter’s, Clann Eireann, Wolfe Tones and Eire Og will be in the hat for the Intermediate series, the draws for all three Championships will be in January.

Considering the new format, it can almost be taken for granted the Armagh Leagues will be played on a one way basis.

It will be interesting to see if club managers take a new approach to training aligned with what could be a longer than normal Championship season.