Both teams put up good display

Portadown didn’t have too far to travel for this eagerly awaited match with Lurgan Tigers P6 teams.

Both teams soon adapted to the underfoot conditions to put on an impressive display of open running mini rugby.

Match 1 Lurgan Tigers 2 Portadown 2: The Tigers were slow to start but strong forward play and good support saw Jack Gardiner open up the scoring. Hard tackles by Ethan T combined with good driving at the back saw Andrew break through for the second try. Portadown were quick to spot the gaps and soon run up a series of tries. The Tigers didn’t give up and a good pass out from Regan to Ethan G saw him overpower the Portadown defence for a third try.

Match 2 Lurgan Tigers 6 Portadown 0: Wave after wave of Portadown attacks were repelled by the Tigers with Michael and Ethan T going in hard. A quick ball from Ethan T to Andrew and then Regan to Finn allowed him to run in the Tigers first try. From the whistle a quick ball to Finn who twisted and turned his way to the line for a second try. A series of passes allowed Ethan G go over the line for the third try with Portadown managing to pull one back. After half time Portadown came back strong with two quick tries but a pass out to Andrew saw him get the fourth try. Portadown came back with their forwards mixing it up making life difficult for the Tigers who dug deep and held strong. After scoring another try and a courageous tackle Finn left the field with an injury to the face. In the last minutes of the game a quick ball from Jack S to Jack G give him the sixth try. Portadown managed to pull one back right on the final whistle.

Team 2 Match 1 Lurgan Tigers 2 Portadown 2: Right from the pass off it was clear both teams were evenly matched and once in possession Portadown used the space to run through only to be held up on the try line by Reece. After a spell of good defending from Portadown, the Tigers put together a string of passes to allow Taylor go over for the try. Lurgan appeared the better team defensively and after winning the ball in the ruck Charlie found a gap and jinked pasted the last defender for the try. The second half saw most of the play in Lurgan’s half but a break by Portadown gave them the equalizer.

Match 2 Lurgan Tigers 6 Portadown 0: Good running play from the Tigers saw Taylor stopped just short of the try line. Excellent tackles by Johnny and Joshua allowed Charlie the first try and clever passing of the ball allowed him to go straight through for his second score. In the second half Drew passed out to Reece who was stopped Portadown. Lurgan were using the ball well, driving Portadown back and soon run up another couple of tries from Matthew, Charlie and Ben. Charlie on form again and with the support of Joshua, Matthew and Angus went over for the final try.