Chairman praises club members

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WITH one leg of a summer spectacular already completed, St Paul’s chairman Shane McConville praised all those who he said had made the opening of the Lurgan club’s playing pitches “a success”.

In two week’s time, the St Paul’s GFC summer festival swings into action with three full days of events but for the moment, the chairman of St Paul’s told the ‘MAIL’ that those who were responsible for organising events last weekend should be praised.

Shane said: “On behalf of St Paul’s I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of our club members who worked so hard over the past number of weeks and, indeed, since we started the project to upgrade our playing facilities.”

He continued: “It would be difficult to thank each individual personally, but collectively our committee and members deserve the highest praise,” stressed the Saints’ Chairman, in the match programme which had been issued for last Sunday’s Armagh v Down game.

Shane then went on to say: “St Paul’s has come a long way since its formation in 1971 and this day is in many ways a tribute to our forebearers who had the foresight and desire to give the people of Taghnevan a Gaelic club which they could be truly proud of.”

Shane continued: “It is the seeds they sowed 41 years ago that have made us the club we are today.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank most sincerely the Armagh and Down senior football squads, management teams and county boards for their acceptance of our invitation to mark this occasion as well as Sean McCann who provided us with a great service as P.A.

“This is a momentous step in the history of St Paul’s, marking a turning point as we endeavour to provide the best possible facilities for the local community and to attract youngsters to Gaelic games”.