Defeat at Donaghadee

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Donaghadee 79 (6)

Lurgan 49 (1)

Lurgan Ladies faltered away to Donaghadee last Thursday in their NIWBA League match when they were hopeful of improving on their fifth position but lost by 30 shots and were fortunate to secure a point. They were only a shot adrift after 5 ends but from then on the home side took control and were ahead through to the finish.

On Rink 1 Winifred Kirkwood, skip, K McGrail, Chloe Wilson and Edith Hobson faced a strong Donaghadee rink who were ahead 6–1 after 5 ends. It was not until the 11th end that Kirkwood’s rink gained another 2 shots. They really had no answer to the sustained home rink attack which won 28–5.

Molly Ward, skipping on Rink 2, with Geraldine Tallon and Irene Cunningham had Lurgan’s only win on the day. At the midpoint Ward’s rink had built up a good lead of 8 shots and by the 13th end had maintained their lead at 19–11. Although Donaghadee took single shots oFf consecutive ends the visitors won the last 2 ends and the rink by 22 to 14.

Genny Little, skipping on Rink 3 with Nora Johnston, Dot McCoy and Gwen Hayes lost 22–13. Trailing 18–4 after the 11th end they succeeded in collecting 5 shots on the next end but it was not enough in the end.

On Rink 4 Angela Thompson, skip, who played again for the NIWBA in the annual Inter-Association Series last weekend, with Gloria White, Molly McBarron and Beth Wilson were narrowly defeated 15–12.