Down to the last 32 in District League individuals

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It was the first round of the League Individuals last week in the Craigavon District Darts League sponsored by Bailie Amusements.

Up to 67 players set out to try and make it through to the next stage and earn the right to come back this week for the final 32 and get a chance to claim the much sought after title of league Individual champion.

The preliminary and first round results were as follows:

Preliminary round:

Micky Campbell 3-0 Micky Cahoon, Vincey Culbert Jr 3-1 Ciaran Magee, Chris Cinnamond 3-0 Oliver Toland.

Last 64

Dee Blaney 3-1 Michael Scullion, Shane Lennon 3-1 Stevie Duff, James Bolton 3-0 Liz McGlaughlin.

Pearse Richardson 3-0 Peter Morris, Gerard Crewe 3-1 Andy Fairbairn.

Sam Frazer 3-2 Gareth Bunting, Micky Dunwoodie 3-2 Tommy McErlene, Micky Campbell 3-2 Sean Farren, Terry Morrow 3-2 Eamon Duff, Shane Tallon 3-2 Paul Callaghan, Paddy Magill 3-1 Vincey Culbert Sr, Dee McConville 3-1 Chris Magee, Rab Lewis 3-0 Hugh Heaney, Davy Vaughan Jr 3-1 Conor Mallon, Lee Culbert 3-0 Tony Rutherford.

Brian McCavigan 3-1 Vincey Culbert Jr, Andy McConnon 3-1 Dee McCready, Seamy Tallon 3-0 Kevin McNeice.

Pat Curran 3-0 Patrick Campbell, Hugh Campbell 3-2 Marty Craig, Keith Beale 3-0 Mark McLernon, Gordy Owens 3-0 Paul Lewis, Adrian Hutchinson 3-0 Davy Vaughan Sr, Chris Cinnamond 3-1 Joe Toman.

Noel Dunwoodie 3-0 Stuart Matchett, Nathan McCabe 3-0 Martina Power, Joe Duff 3-1 Mark Magee.

Clive Hanna 3-0 Chris Lewsley, John Cinnamond 3-0 Marty Murray, Paul McGahan 3-1 Dermy McStay, Micky Lamb 3-1 George Chambers, Dave McCusker 3-2 Dee Breen.

This weeks final 32 draw is as follows:

Board 1 - Dee Blaney v Shane Lennon, James Bolton v Pearse Richardson, Gerard Crewe v Sam Frazer, Micky Dunwoodie v Micky Campbell.

Board 2 - Terry Morrow v Shane Tallon, Paddy Magill v Dee McConville, Rab Lewis v Davy Vaughan Jr, Lee Culbert v Brian McCavigan.

Board 3 - Andy McConnon v Seamy Tallon, Pat Curran v Hugh Campbell, Keith Beale v Gordy Owens, Adrian Hutchinson v Chris Cinnamond.

Board 4 - Noel Dunwoodie v Nathan McCabe, Joe Duff v Clive Hanna, John Cinnamond v Paul McGahan, Michael Lamb v Dave McCusker.

All matches best of five.

Semi-final - Winner of Board 1 v Winner of Board 3; Winner of Board 2 v Winner of Board 4, Best of seven.

Final - Best of nine.

Players are reminded that registration for this weeks matches will close at 8.30pm with the matches starting immediately.