Drumgor have the edge in cup

The Drumgor Cup was up for grabs last week in the Craigavon District Darts League and it had a new format to go alongside it with it being a double in double out.

The Stables went head to head with the Trojans and it was the Stables who progressed with a 5-2 victory. Wins from Michael Lamb, Chris Lewsley and Pat Curran put them into a 3-0 lead but the Trojans fought back with Stuart Matchett and Rab Lewis to leave the minimum between the sides. It was left to Peter Morris and Shane Tallon to win it for the Stables .

In another tight encounter Eire Og got the better of Vintage 5-3. Sam Frazer and John Cinnamon both won to share the first two legs before Micky Dunwoodie made it 2-1 with a win over Ryan Blaney. Mark McLernon made it 3-1 before Mo Campbell and Dee Blaney levelled the match. Chris Cinnamond beat Peter Doran and it was a relieved Dermot McStay who finally hit his winning double over an unlucky Kevin McNiece to finish the game.

The last match of the quarter finals ended early as the Celtic only had six men and with the draw unfortunately going against them two quick wins for Lee Culbert over Gerard Crewe and Seamy Tallon over Adrian Hutchinson ended the tie as a contest with the Forresters progressing 5-0 scoreline.

The first semi final seen the Stables play Drumgor and with the Stables only having 8 men it meant four wins would be enough to send Drumgor through. Matt Gilpin got the first of those with a win over Chris Lewsley which was followed by Michael Lamb to take a leg back with a win over George Chambers. Clive Hanna beat Peter Morris but back came the Stables with Shane Tallon getting past former team mate Gareth Bunting to leave it 3-2 to Drumgor. It was Stephen Duff and Marty Craig who took the next two matches to finish the tie and send Drumgor into the final.

The second semi final saw INF race into a 4-0 lead with wins from Marty Crossan, Marty Murray jr, Vincey Culbert and Seamy Tallon putting them in grasp of the final. A missed dart at double top by Lee Culbert was punished by Chris Cinnamond and the Og’s never quit attitude kicked into gear as the quickly turned the 4-0 into 4-4 with Hugh Heaney, Sam Frazer and Micky Dunwoodie levelling the match. In the final game missed doubles at the start by Paddy Magill let Micky Campbell get up and going and indeed Micky looked in control of the game but when he missed 3 darts at his doubles Paddy hit 25, treble 20 and double 20 for a superb 125 out shot and the win.

With the drama of the previous semi-final barely calmed down the final took place and it was Paddy Magill who was called first and again he took the win beating Gareth Bunting. Marty Murray sr made it 2-0 with a win over Matt Gilpin. Joe Duff and Vincey Culbert rolled back the years as despite an opening score of 116 by Vincey it still wasn’t enough as Joe finished the leg in 15 darts to pull Drumgor back into it. Wins for Clive Hanna over Seamy Tallon and for Eamon Duff over Terry Morrow completely turned the tie around in Drumgor’s advantage to help them lead 3-2. Despite Roy white getting off early at his doubles, Shane Lennon had too much in what was his first game of the night as he increased the lead to put them one away from the title. It was George Chambers who took the honours of hitting the final two doubles of the night as he got the better of Marty Crossan to leave the final score Drumgor 5 INF 2 and earn the host team a well deserved victory.