Fed-Ex standings

AFTER week six of the winter league the leading contenders for the novelty Fed-Ex prize have been finalised. Scoring was based on the best five cards out of six.

The top 15 and ties in each handicap grouping will compete in the Big Day Out competition for this leading individual award. Here are the leading contenders in the three sections:

Section 1.161 pts: Colin Thompson; 160: Sean Toman; 159: Lawrence McGrady; 153: Timmy Cummins; 152: Paul Dickson; 151: Niall Hoy, Nathan McCann; 150: Olcan Kearney, Stephen Loughran.

149: Brian Hanratty; 148: Caolan McCann, Jim McKee; 147: Garfield Harrison, John Hartnett, Gary McNally.

Section 2. 163: Gary Lyons; 160: Gavin Smyth; 157: Kevin Brennan; 155: Tom Creaney, Gerard Henderson, David Herron; 154: Patrick Meehan; 153: James Toland; 151: Paul McKernan; 150: John Healy, Colin Robb; 149: Ian Harrison, John McCaffrey, David Moore; 148: Billy Bateman, Des Gregg.

Section 3. 172: Derek Johnston; 171: Francie McKenna, Gareth Murphy; 160: Sean McClean; 159: Terence King, Dan Moore; 158: Colin Darling; 157: Paul P Magee; 155: Ronan McCrory; 153: Jonathan Lawless, John McComb, Sean McEvoy, John Menary; 150: Neal Carson, Hugh O’Reilly.