Impressive start by Eire Og team


The Craigavon District Darts League returned to action this week and it was cup specialists Eire Og who stood out in week one.

They defeated the Trojans by 8 games to nil and did so without dropping a leg and they still have players such as Sam Frazer and Noel Dunwoodie to call upon in the coming weeks and this could be the season they make a real charge for the title.

Drumgor also showed they are determined to win back the league title which they won in 2012 and 2013 when they had a comfortable 7-1 win over the INF with Terry Morrow being the only victor for the INF.

Reigning champions Vintage had to dig deep for a hard fought 5-3 win over the Stables who are looking back at what could have been had they not missed their doubles.

In the final match of the night the Celtic club had a 6-2 win over Clann Eireann who this season believe they have a good chance of getting that much sought after win they desire sooner rather than later.


Eire Og 8-0 Trojans - Hugh Heaney 2-0 Liz McLaughlin; Dermot McStay 2-0 Davy Vaughan Sr; Nathan McCabe 2-0 Michael Shields; Chris Cinnamond 2-0 Paul Lewis; Paul Callaghan 2-0 Stuart Matchett; Mark McLernon 2-0 Tony Rutherford; Paul McGahan 2-0 Andrew Fairbairn; Micky Dunwoodie 2-0 Paul Beattie.

Drumgor 7-1 INF - Joe Duff 2-0 Vincey Culbert Sr; Pearse Richardson 0-2 Terry Morrow ; Stevie Duff 2-0 Dave McCusker; George Chambers 2-1 Marty Crossan; Eamon Duff 2-1 Seamy Tallon; Clive Hanna 2-0 Roy White; Paul Donnelly 2-0 Lee Culbert; Shane Lennon 2-0 Marty Murray Jr.

Celtic 6-2 Clann Eireann - Dee Breen 2 -1 Neil McCluskey; Andy McConnon 2-0 Johnny McAtamney; John Bishorek jr 2-1 Dee Snags 2-0 Joe McCabe; Chris Lewsley 2-1 Scully; Dessie Dunbar 1-2 Mark Magee; Anto Crewe 1-2 Kevin O’Loan; Hutchy 2-0 David Beale.

Stables 3-5 Vintage - Peter Morris 1-2 Dee Blaney; Rab Lewis 0-2 Keith Beale; Pat Curran 2-1 Oliver Toland; Hugh Campbell 2-0 Brian McCavigan; Shane Tallon 1-2 John Cinnamond; Neil McConville 0-2 Conor Mallon; Gareth Bunting 0-2 Jamesy Bolton; John Bishorek 2-0 Dee McCready.

Lowest darts: Adrian Htchinson 14, Clive Hanna 15 , John Bishorek 17 , John Cinnamond 19, Terry Morrow 19 , John Bishorek 20 , Keith Beale 20.

180’s: Gareth Bunting.

Higest checkout: 108 Pat Curran.

Week 2 fixtures are as follows:

Clann Eireann v Stables ; Vintage v Trojans; INF v Celtic; Drumgor v Eire Og.