Impressive Vintage Bar are first team in two years to topple Drumgor

The Vintage Bar became the first team in two years and over 25 league games to inflict defeat on Drumgor when they had a comprehensive 6-2 victory over the champions to cement their status as league leaders.

Conor Mallon got them going with a 2-1 win over Marty Craig before Joe Duff levelled winning 2-0 against Mo Campbell. Then came a run of four successive wins for the leaders with Dee McCready beating Stephen Duff 2-1, John Cinnamond beating George Chambers 2-0, Dee Blaney beating Eamon Duff 2-1 and when Oliver Toland got the better of Pearse Richardson also 2-1 it was match over as they steamed into a 5-1 lead.

Clive Hanna pulled one back for Drumgor with a 2-0 win over Brian McCavigan, but it was Keith Beale who wrapped up the match beating Shane Lennon 2-0.

The INF got their first win of the season when they came from 2-0 down to win the last six games to beat Clann Eireann.

Kevin O’Loan had a 2-1 win over Vincey Culbert and when Michael Scullion beat Marty Murray 2-0 the home team were sensing victory. Seamus Tallon had a 2-0 win over Neil McCluskey and Paddy Magill beat Mark Brady 2-0. Terry Morrow had two 21 dart legs on way to beating Ciaran McMahon 2-0. Lee Culbert took advantage of Mark Magee’s missed doubles to win 2-1 and make the tie 4-2 to the INF. Marty Crossan wrapped up the win beating Nathan McCabe 2-0 and then Dave McCusker finished the last two legs in 20 and 21 darts to give the INF a 6-2 win.

The Celtic Club enjoyed a 5-3 win against Eire Og. Sam Frazier beat Gerard Crewe 2-0, winning his legs in 18 and 16 darts before Adrian Hutchinson beat Micky Dunwoodie 2-1 to level matters. Sean Farren continued his good form beating Hugh Heaney 2-1 and when Dessie Dunbar made hit a 13 dart leg and he made it 3-1. Noel Dunwoodie pulled one back for Eire Og beating Andy McConnon 2-0 but when Gordy Owens and Martin Haddock got their first wins beating Mark McLernon and Chris Cinnamond it secured the points for Celtic. Paul Callaghan beat Tommy McErlene 2-0 but it was too little too late.

The Trojans fell 7-1 to Stables. Chris Lewsley got the match going with a 2-0 win over Brian Devine, Michael Lamb had 2x 140’s and 3x100’s as he beat Andy Fairbairn in 19 and 13 darts. Hugh Campbell made it 3-0 when he beat Davy Vaughan sr 2-0. Next up it was Tony Rutherford against Pat Curran and Tony was the first person to beat Pat this season with a 2-0 win to give the Trojans their only win of the night. Peter Morris got the better of Paul Lewis 2-1 before Shane Tallon had 2x140’s and 2x100’s as he beat Stuart Matchett 2-0. John Bishop made his debut for the Stables and hit a maximum 180 on way to a 2-0 win over Rab Lewis.

Aaron Furphy also made his debut and recorded a 2-1 win over Dave Vaughan Jr to finish the night for the Stables winning 7-1.