Kristofor retains NIBA title

Kristofor Matchett who retained the NIBA Youth Singles Championship receives the trophy from NIBA President Derek Mateer. INLM3212-240con
Kristofor Matchett who retained the NIBA Youth Singles Championship receives the trophy from NIBA President Derek Mateer. INLM3212-240con

YOUNG Lurgan bowler Kristofor Matchett has retained the NIBA Youth Singles Championship.

And he did it in style by defeating Jimmy Brown, Balmoral, by a magnificent 21-2 margin which thrilled the many travelling supporters including his proud parents.

He never lost the lead at any stage and dominated the match from start to finish, bowling clinically with accurate drawing throughout.

The reigning NIBA champion stunned his opponent by taking all four shots on the first end. Brown took a shot off the second end and won the next end to reduce Matchett’s lead to 4-2. Matchett responded during the fourth end by bowling a great first bowl within inches of the jack and while Brown came close to dislodging it he did not succeed, allowing Matchett to win the shot and lead 5-2.

During the fifth end Matchett having sent his first bowl about a yard through and with Brown bowling short he seized the opportunity to bowl his second bowl to about six inches of the jack. Brown replied with another short bowl but Matchett remained undeterred and bowled his third almost unto the jack. With Brown bowling a slack final bowl Matchett sent drew another super shot to claim three and extend his lead to 8-2.

In the sixth end Matchett went 9-2 ahead of Brown. Matchett’s first bowl of the seventh end was one of excellent line and weight with his bowl finishing in a great position – about a foot behind the jack. With Brown bowling short, Matchett repeated the dose with a brilliant bowl which took the jack back to lie two. Brown responded with an excellent bowl to reduce Matchett’s shots to one but Matchett’s ‘matched’ with a great fourth bowl and although Brown fired in a valiant attempt to take out Matchett’s shot bowl, the reigning champion still gained two shots from the end – 11-2 in favour of Matchett and things were looking ominous for the challenger!

Matchett continued his great form in the next two ends to stretch his advantage to 15-2 by by ten ends he had an unassailable 19-2 lead.

What was to be the last end went in favour of Matchett. His first bowl was a cracker – right on the jack! Brown’s bowl was short and so was Matchett’s but was a good second. Brown was tight with his second bowl and Matchett connected with his own short bowl to take it in to the jack. Brown bowled a reasonable third but Matchett blocked the head with a good position short bowl. Brown’s last had no effect and Matchett took advantage to draw a perfect third shot and win the match by a thoroughly convincing 22-2.

Young Matchett was excellent throughout the whole match and showed to all what he is capable of. He can go with confidence to the Irish Championship with the knowledge that if he repeats the standard he set himself in winning this year’s NIBA Youth Singles Championship he could take the Irish title as well.

The Lurgan club members warmly congratulate Kristofor on his latest great achievement and wish him every success in the forthcoming Irish Championship at Blackrock on 31st August/1st September.