Ladies hear of changes for inter-club matches coming into force

With major changes coming into effect this year in the conditions for the ILGU inter club matches Lurgan Lady Captain Pam Graham and Match and Handicap Secretary Katrina Bradford held a meeting earlier this week to explain the changes to all the team captains of the ILGU teams.

This meeting was well attended and was very productive in that team captains were able to discuss different rules and scenarios in relation to matches, and it was evident that Katrina had put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that team captains were well equipped with all the necessary information available to assist them in fulfilling their role.

The ladies teams enjoyed a very successful year last season, in the inter club matches, and all the groundwork has been done to give them every opportunity to follow on with another successful year in the 2014 season.

The club thanks Katrina for all her hard work and they wish all the team captains and their teams the best of luck in their forthcoming matches.

Sunday Sweep results are as follows: 1 Michael Lavery 40 pts; 2 Sean Muldoon 40 pts; 3 Adam McCleary 39 pts; 4 Graeme Ewart 39 pts.

Gross: Caolan McCann 35 pts.

Wednesday Sweep Results are as follows: 1 Brian Clarke 40pts; 2 Sean Wilson 39 pts; 3 Derek Johnston 39 pts.

Gross: Ronan McGivern 30 pts.