Lurgan ladies charge ahead with challenge

Newcastle 48 (0.5) Lurgan 61 (6.5)

Lurgan Ladies travelled to Newcastle in their NIWBA Senior League fixture and won by 13 shots to collect 6.5 points and enhance their league position. The match had to be reduced to 15 ends due the atrocious weather conditions. Coming from behind at ninth end they collected an amazing 35 shots during the remaining six ends to win 61–48.

On Rink 1 for Lurgan were Gwen Hayes, Jennifer McVeigh, Nora Johnston and Genny Little, skip against the Newcastle rink skipped by E McGrady. The Lurgan rink went ahead 5–3 after the seventh end and increased their lead to 8-4 with a good three-shot win at the ninth end. Winning ends were exchanged but Little’s rink held on to eventually win their rink 12–10 and a valuable point towards victory.