McGeeney sees keeper role for Christopher

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Sarsfields player Christopher McGaughey has accepted an offer from Armagh manager Kieran McGeeney to join the squad who will be shortly preparing for the 2016 season.

The Lurgan man who says he ‘would be taking one step at a time’ as far as the County was concerned, has confirmed that he met with the Armagh manager recently and would be making himself available over the forthcoming weeks.

While Chris would be best known as a midfielder with his club the Armagh manager will for the moment be more interested in his goalkeeping prowess.

During his youth days the ‘Trasna player lined out in goals at Glenavon when the Mournview side were managed by Stephen McBride, while looking forward to the challenge Christopher said that he would be hoping that things work out with Armagh.

“There will be a lot of things happening with Armagh over the forthcoming months, there will no doubt be some form of trials, so I will have to see how it all pans out, said Christopher.

Kieran (McGeeney) has suggested he has a lot of things planed for next season, Kieran knows what he is after in a player so we will see how things go, it is early days,” added the High Moss player.

The Sarsfields midfielder was in exceptional form in several games for his club this season, but it was his time spent in America which could well shape his future both on the gaelic field and potentially in the Irish League.

“I left it a bit late with the Irish League situation, apparently you have to be signed up in January, while I don’t know what next year will bring, it will be a challenge to see what I can do for Armagh.”

Christopher returned to gaelic football midway through the 2014 season, he was involved in his club’s narrow Championship final defeat at Reserve level against Ballymacnab. During his six years spent in the States, Christopher attended University in Missouri, Kanzas where he completed a goalkeeping scholarship as part of his studies.

The Sarsfields man explained, “To be honest the standard was pretty high. A lot of the sides are strong and we trained twice a day, six days a week so it was a challenge.”

Under Kieran Mc Geeney’s new regime Armagh struggled to find an answer to their goalkeeping problems, they balanced the services of Niall Grughan, Patrick Morrison from Armagh Harps and finally ended with Annaghmore’s Mathew McNeice between the posts, which may indicate McGeeneys interest in approaching McGaughey,.

While some observers who would know the capabilities of the Sarsfields player to be on a higher level than many routine goalkeepers, the High Moss player is taking a cautious approach.

“When a manager like Kieran Mc Geeney calls you have to feel honoured. It will all be a learning process, and hopefully things will work out,” concluded the Lurgan man.