Mistakes cost Lurgan in the end

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Lurgan Firsts faced Limavady in an intense clash of skill, endurance and strength on Saturday.

As both teams sit comfortably at the top of the league table, it proved to be the most challenging and disappointing game this season, with Limavady coming out on top.

Limavady posed a strong and physical opposition and in the end were deserving of a win.

Phase after phase they put Lurgan’s defence to the test. Unshaken as it was, Limavady managed to find gaps in Lurgan’s defensive line.

Although Limavady seemed to dominate the first half of the game, Lurgan, with its young talent, can boast an equally excellent performance as they began to make a recovery in the second half.

However, it was somewhat too late as Limavady gained advantage of three tries (two converted) in the first half.

For Lurgan it was young Josh Lyness who scored a try in the second half. Lurgan’s peerless number 10, Stephen Nolan, had a chance to show off his exceptional kicking skills when he converted a penalty gaining three extra points on the board.

Lurgan played as a team, all players were equally outstanding making superb breaks, great scrimmaging, and aggressive rucking.

On several occasions Lurgan were only inches from the line with the backs making some spectacular runs. Yet, deprived of victory, their loss may be attributed to minor mistakes and referee’s bad decision making.

As disappointing as it may be, the players were not discouraged, rather they are more determined to work and push even harder under the coaching regime of Bruce Cornelius in pursuit of revenge the next time they meet Limavady at Pollock Park.