News from the local lofts

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LATEST pigeon results from the local clubs are as follows:

Beechpark Social RPS

Skibbereen Nat

B Carson and Son 1445; C Reynolds 1421; H Lynch and Son 1414; D Mawhinney and Son 1405; R Bothwell 1403; G McEvov 1369; Dando and Bennett 1368.

Lurgan Amateur


B. Carson and Son 1445; Higginson And Johnston 1425, 1414, 1408.

Gilford and District RPS.


1st Rafferty and Toman 1434; 2nd Rafferty and Toman 1388; 3rd T Greenaway 1371; 4th T Greenaway 1361; 5th Adamson and Anderson 1359; 6th J and D Breen 1354; 7th T Greenaway 1348; 8th D Campbell 1346; 9th A Fitzpatrick and A Hyde 1345; 10th J and D Breen.


Skibbereen YB National

G Douglas 1470; C and J Ferris 1466; C and J Ferris 1456; C and J Ferris 1445; G Douglas 1420; G Douglas 1419.8; C and J Ferris 1419.6.

Rosscarberry YB National

C and J Ferris 1629; G Douglas 1608.2; C and J Ferris 1608.0; G Douglas 1596; T Fitzpatrick 1558; C and J Ferrisn 1538.7; G Douglas 1538.1

Cooper and McGrath 1476

C and J Ferris win the Golden Ring special

The fanciers combine.

The £50 nom in the Rosscarberry YB National was won by R Bothwell of Beechpark HPS. Vel - 1626, Ring No GB12S57501.

This pigeon also won the nom in the Fermoy race and is his 5 Bird NIPA open winner. It has certainly earned its perch for the winter.

The £50 nom in the Skibbereen INFC National was won by G Douglas, Wilton Cross HPS. Vel - 1470, Ring No GB12S57786.

The £50 nom in the Fermoy race was won by R Bothwell of Beechpark HPS. Vel - 1709, Ring No GB12S57501.

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