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LOCAL pigeon fanciers were delighted for Roy Bothwell when he was declared the overall winner of the young bird Fermoy Classic race with ‘Roy’s Delight’ which was actually bred for him by Roy Irwin of Dundonald.

Roy is no stranger to success as he has a great record over many years in all the major competitions. Roy, who has had a difficult few years, will take a great deal of pleasure from this latest success.

Hot on Roy’s tail was fellow clubmate Gregory McEvoy with his second open and first section winner ‘Ellen’s Pride’. “It’s hard to believe you are second open NIPA and don’t even win the club, so much so is the competition which exists within Beechpark Social as this is the fifth section winner in the club this year,” said Gregory.

Beechpark Social RPS

Penzance Y/B National

D Mawhinney & Son 1340; C Reynold 1288; S&J McCullough 1170; S&J McCullough 1019; R Bothwell 912.


R Bothwell 1709; G McEvoy 1707; G McEvoy 1693; G McEvoy 1686; H Lynch & Son 1684; C Reynolds 1675; D Mawhinney & Son 1649; R Russell 1634; K Downey 1623; C Beattie 1621; S & J McCullough 1601.

Two Bird Club

R Bothwell 1709; G McEvoy 1686; H Lynch&Son 1684.



1st. K Henderson 1684; 2nd. D&B Lyness 1682; 3rd. D&B Lyness 1679; 4th. Furphy Bros 1676; 5th. J Douglas & Son 1669; 6th. K Henderson 1668.


1st. J Douglas & Son 1646; 2ND D&B Lyness 1646; 3rd. Furphy Bros 1645; 4th. Furphy Bros 1624.


Four membrs 82 birds

Higginson & Johnston 1703, 1683, 1672, 1661 and 1657.

D.McBride1655; JP.Nelson 1640.

Gilford & District RPS


1st Rafferty & Toman 1246 ; 2nd O Fitzpatrick & Son 1060; 3rd C & H Beattie 1036; 4th Adamson & Anderson 1034; 5th C & H Beattie 1019; 6th Adamson & Anderson 992; 7th C & H Beattie 954; 8th Adamson & Anderson 953; 9th Adamson & Anderson 949; 10th C & H Beattie 895.



C&J Ferris 1700, C. Douglas 1698, Fitzpatrick 1685, G. Douglas 1681, C&J Ferris 1678, G. Douglas 1662, C&J Ferris 1655, Fitzsimmons 1629, T. Furphy 1616.


G. Douglas 1662, M. Rice 1656, C&J Ferris 1631, N. Fitzsimmons 1629, G. Douglas 1608, C&J Ferris 1599.

The £50 nom in the Talbenny YB derby was won by J. Funston, Laurelvale HPS vel-1389 ring no GB12L09331.

The £50 nom in the Tullamore race was won by W&J Ferris, Wilton Cross HPS vel-2047 ring no GB12L35548.