Shootout scores

SEVEN weeks have now passed in the winter league competition and with five cards out of eight counting for the Big Day Out here are some of the leading candidates in the ‘Hanna Banana Shootout’ sponsored by your local club professional.

Low: 159: Paul McCabrey; 154: Kevin McKavanagh; 153: Lawrence McGrady, William McMillan, Olcan Kearney; 152: Jason McCann; 151: Mal McConville, John Hartnett, Conal Patterson; 149: Nathan McCann, Jim McKee.

Middle: 173: Lawrence Mitchell; 167: Gavin Smyth; 166: Terence Eagers; 163: Keith Percy, Aidan Thornbury; 160: Neale McKinstry, Martin McNeice; 157: Bryan Turkington; 156: Ian Harrison, Dwaine Hanna.

High: 170: Walter Simpson; 163: Paul Magee, Francie McKenna, Hugh O’Reilly, John McComb; 162: John McCallion; 160: Maurice Turnbull; 159: Barry Creaney; 158: Neal Carson, Graham McNeill.