Shootout scores

THERE were 53 qualifiers for the Hanna Banana Shootout at Lurgan.

Over the weeks of the Winter League they put together the leading scores in their respective sections. There was an overall prize and three section awards awaiting the golfers with the best returns on the day.

The result of this special competition was as follows:

Overall winner: John Menary 37 points; Low winner: Francie Tallon 31 pts; Middle winner: Lawrence Mitchell 33 pts; High winner: John McCallion 34 pts.

List of Prize winners for second part of Winter League.

Gross winner: Gary Clarke

Low section: 1. Paul McCabrey; 2. Jason McCann; 3. Kevin McKavanagh.

Middle section.

1. Lawrence Mitchell; 2. Terry Eagers; 3. Aidan Thornbury.

High section. 1. Hugh O’Reilly; 2. John McComb; 3. Walter Simpson.