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RESULTS from recent shows at Gilford and District.

3rd show on the 9th November, 1st A Fitzpatrick and A Hyde; 2nd A Fitzpatrick and A Hyde; 3rd S Fiddes; 4th Adamson and Anderson.

RES. Reynolds and Gill; VHC. S Fiddes; HC. Adamson & Anderson C. C and R Moffett

Thanks go to T. Fitzpatrick and M. Rice for judging.

4th Show on the 16th November, 1st D Campbell; 2nd C and H Beattie; 3rd J McAtamney and Son; 4th A Fitzpatrick and A Hyde; VHC, C and H Beattie; HC, C and H Beattie; C, C and H Beattie.

Thanks go to M. Conlan and R. McGrath for judging.

Friday’s show will be for Any Age Cock or Hen with a special for the best White Flight. Penning is from 7.15pm.

Lurgan Social 19 November results:

1st C Reynolds; 2nd D and B Lyness; 3rd A. Neill; 4th A. Neill. Res, C. Reynolds; HC, C. Reynolds; HC, K. Douglas; C, M. Rice; Best YB, K. Henderson.