Super start for Ladies Zone team

Armagh Ladies Zone team have started off the new season with an outstanding win against last year Zone winners Oriel.

Armagh were out to seek revenge after last year’s devastating defeat by Oriel in the final of the Interzone competition and where keen to impress early in this year’s tournament.

The game which was held in St Matthews, Richhill promised to be a show stopper and it didn’t fail, supplying the well supported Armagh spectators with plenty to cheer about.

One rink one Elizabeth Smyth’s rink of Agnes Crozier, Ann Patton and Hilary Agnew started off with guns blazing and proved too tough for the Oriel rink lead by J Roullier. Elizabeth’s rink kept the pressure on through the hole game never giving their opponents a chance and came out on top with an outstanding win of 21 shots to 3.

On rink two Rachel Cassells’ rink of Mary Livingstone, Rosemary Beattie and Sandra Whittle had a slow start.

After going seven shots to nil down Rachel rallied her rink together for an outstanding comeback.

Showing great determination this rink pulled back slowly and on the 10th end lifted a single to win the game 9 shots to 7 against B Cunningham.

On rink three, May Cassells’ troop of Marlene Hobson, Michelle Wright and Diane Agnew made steady progress throughout the game. Never letting Oriel run away with a lead, the rink pulled some big bowls out of the bag to tie their game 9 all against a strong Oriel Rink lead by R Brennan.

At half time the score was 39 to 19, a strong lead of 20 for the Armagh second half.

On rink four Flo McNally with her rink of Ann Crozier, Goretti Garvey and Jean Hawthorne lead from the start of the game.

Armagh always putting pressure on the opposition skip E Colgan, showing great shot selection and playing some great conversion shots eased their way to a 16 shot to 5 victory.

On rink five Pauline Beattie’s rink of Christina Breen, Elizabeth Lavery and Daphne Mashall excelled themselves showing great determination to bring the game to a close. Leading the whole game against Oriel’s C McMahon, no shot was too difficult and ended the game with an outstanding win 13 shots to 2.

On rink six Catherine McMillen’s rink of Sophia Minish, Linda Milligan and Sadie White hit go from the start. Never looking back the rink played some great bowls against Oriel skipped by P Hanlon.

Armagh eased their way to an 8 shots to 6 victory without completing the game as it was now out of Oriel’s reach.

The game ended with an overall score of Armagh 76 to Oriel 32, a 44 shot win for Armagh Ladies. Armagh will now face East Antrim in the next round to be played on the 30 November in East Antrim.

Jethro Rinks League results:

Morning section: W.Clinghan 14 (3) C.Whitty 7 (0), R.Hunter 16 (3) W.Cairns 7 (0), A.Magee 20 (3) M.Milligan 8 (0), G.Richardson 14 (3) C.Maguire 10 (1), W.Cousins 16 (3) T.McCartan 13 (1), R.Neely 11 (1) J.Taylor 14 (3).

Afternoon section: W.Kinnon 10 (1) G.Bell 12 (3), N.Conlon 9 (0) L.Magennis 18 (3),S.Garvey 11 (3) W.Martin 10 (1), S.White 10 (1) J.Mackle 13 (3), B.Boness 12 (0) N.Orr 20 (3).