Team make splash

LURGAN’S eight to twelve year olds hosted Dungannon Swimming Club in the Forest Feasts Aquasprint Junior Swimming League last Friday.

Lurgan outshone their opponents in the opening medley relay events, with three wins out of four, recording an eight point lead.

‘A’ team Erin O’Neill, Conor O’Carroll, Niall Dummigan and Sarah Girvan, the younger swimmers in the squad, were really well supported by the home crowd but could only come close to winning.

‘B’ team, Michael McCaughley, Eimear McConville, Emma Mulholland and Oisin McAliskey made a victorious debut.

‘C’ team, Harry Owen, Megan Gellately, Una McConville and Rhys Dale as well as D team, Cait Towe, Thomas McKibben, Rory Burns and Anna McCaughley tasted relay success.

There were impressive wins in the individual backcrawl for Niall Dummigan, Emma Mulholland, Una McConville, Philip Hayes and Cait Towe.

Second placings for Erin O’Neill, Eimear McConville, Oisin McAliskey, Harry Owen and Rory Burns added further valuable points, boosting Lurgan’s lead by a further 12 points.

Jaden Buchanan, Megan Lau, Erin O’Neill, Matthew Wells and Dillon O’Hanlon were delighted to record personal best backcrawl times.

Switching to the breaststroke events, Una McConville and Daniel Wiffen both claimed first place points.

There were second place finishes by Niall Dummigan, Emma Mulholland, Harry Owen, Ella Beatty and Thomas McKibben.

Further personal best times were set by Casey Li, Joshua Rae, Olivia Gibson, Sean Mulholland, Maria Lyons, Adam Lau and Rory Burns.

Into the butterfly events and Lurgan’s talent became evident with an impressive win for Angela Loughran.

Niall, Una, Daniel and Cait impressed, also recording fine wins.

Butterfly personal best times were recorded for Luke McAleenan, Michael McCaughley, Holly Rae, Harry Owen, Niall Dummigan, Oisin McAliskey, Sarah Kelly, Thomas McKibben, Rory Burns and Joshua Wells.

Dungannon were edged out of the points in the freestyle events.

Niall, Emma, Una and Cait were all on form with first place finishes.

Cairan Cahoon swam a really competitive race and narrowly missed first place in a touch finish.

Fantastic swims by Erin, Eimear, Oisin, Anna and Rory for second place improved the Lurgan team score further.

Personal best times were also achieved by Kerry McKeegan and Ruari Codd.

Into the final freestyle relays and the ‘B’ team of Angela Loughran, Charlie Doherty, Emma Mulholland and Oisin McAliskey held their lead throughout the race to win.

Lurgan’s ‘C’ team, Ciaran Cahoon, Megan Gellately, Una McConville and Rhys Dale had a comfortable victory.

The ‘D’ team of Thomas, Anna, Cait and Rory brought the gala to a finish with another excellent win.

The final score was Lurgan 218 Dungannon 182.

Lurgan look forward to their next League encounter against Ballymena on April 27.