Much better than the previous week

Fan’s view with Jack Pringle

OVER the ninety minutes I thought it was a much improved performance on last week’s disaster.

I thought our best player was John Convery and Andrew Mitchell played well on a very tough surface too. He gave the Crues’ defence a run for their money, especially considering he was playing against Colin Coates, who is up with there with the best in the league.

On the goal, I thought the ball into the box was up in the air for a while and Davy (O’Hare) should have come out and caught it but the goalkeeping area remains an issue for me. Next week I’d play Andy Coleman because he controls the area better. We must stop conceding goals like that.

I thought we could have come away with a point only for Sean O’Neill’s heroics at the end. Matty Burrows did well when he came on and he was unlucky not to score with his shot in the last minute.

We need to play like that every week or it is relegation for us but I’m confident we will stay up if we keep up that type of performance.