Community concert planned for Town Hall

A community concert, organised by Lurgan Rugby Football and Cricket Club in conjunction with Lurgan Musical Society, is being held in Lurgan Town Hall on Friday, February 19, at8.00pm.

The event has been specifically planned to attract interest from the whole community, not just the rugby side of the club.

Tickets for the concert are priced at £5 and are available from Print Business Supplies, S.D. Kells and Jarlath McConville whose support for this event is welcomed by the members.

Lurgan Musical Society are well known for performing numerous concerts and events locally and this experienced, and extremely talented group will add to the event.

Lurgan Rugby and Cricket Club has been widely supported by local business and the community over the years.

The club wants to be more engaged in what’s happening locally, organising events such as this is one way the club hopes to achieve this goal.

This concert also marks the rugby club’s 135 years of being part of Lurgan’s community since it was established back in 1881.

It also highlights the club’s vigorous volunteering work which will hopefully continue for many years to come.