Cup run ends at Belmont

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Lurgan met the Private Green League champions, Belmont last Saturday in the 3rd round of the Irish Senior Cup and although winning on two rinks went down to a 39-shot defeat.

On Rink 1 Skip Alan Briggs led his rink of Alan Roberts (third), Gordon Bell (second) and Richard McClune (lead) to a creditable win by two shots over Roy Battersby’s Rink.

After losing four shots on the first end Briggs’ Rink never lost the lead after securing a 6-5 lead after five ends. After 10 ends the lead was extended to 16-8. At this stage the score was 38-38 across the green. 15 ends saw Briggs’ rink extend their lead to 21-10. Unfortunately only one shot was added against 10 to Belmont on the last six ends for a rink win to Lurgan by two shots.

On Rink 2 Skip John Gilliland’s rink of Peter McGrail (third), Iain Ferguson (second) and Bobby Boness had a very difficult afternoon against the rink skipped by Stuart Bennett and went down 32-14.

On Rink 3 Skip Mansel Montgomery along with Jeffrey McCullough, Dan Dempsey and Ronnie McCullough at lead also found the going extremely difficult falling 33-9 toSimon Martin’s rink.

On Rink 4 Harry Cosgrove Skip, Bobby Ruddell (third), Declan McCabrey and Stephen Poots had a great tussle with Robin Horner’s Rink. Leading 11-8 at 10 endstheir lead was whittled away at 15 ends to be down 17-13.

However to their credit they won four of the last six ends to get a rink win by one shot: 20-19.

Lurgan were able to hold their own for 10 ends but the class of the Private Green champions enabled them to pull away in the second half of the game.