Defeat at Carrick leaves Lurgan at rock bottom

Lurgan's Michael Bunting and Jim Gilliland at Carrick.
Lurgan's Michael Bunting and Jim Gilliland at Carrick.

Carrick 92 (0) Lurgan 67 (0)

Lurgan Seniors travelled to Carrick on Saturday, hoping to gain much needed points as the season heads into the halfway stage.

However despite three rinks winning more ends than they lost they came home empty handed leaving the senior team rooted to the bottom of the table. On rink 1 I Mitchell, M Bunting, J Gilliland and H Cosgrove never got the scores on the board that their bowling deserved on a difficult rink, trailing throughout against carrick skip R Anderson eventually falling 25-8.

On rink 2, R McCullough, J McCullough, D McCabrey, and skip R.M. Montgomery started slowly but built in confidence throughout the game leading to the rink picking up a hotshot in the 8th end against Carrick skip J Boyd.

However, losing some high scoring ends left the Lurgan four chasing in the closing stages needing four shots to tie the rink in the last end Lurgan would fall agonisingly short losing by a single shot 26-25.

On rink 3, B Boness, E Quinn, P McGrail and skip A Briggs, scored constantly throughout the game but always struggled to score more multiple shots.

Carrick under skip A Murphy was the opposite as they scored multiple shots on several ends including two 5 shot ends leaving the Lurgan rink to trail home 20-16.

On rink 4 S Poots, R McClune, G Bunting and skip A Roberts, led this game from the start until the 17th end where one bad end from the Lurgan four seen them drop 5 shots which allowed Carrick skip K Walker to take the lead which they would keep until the end winning 20-16.