High standard of bowling at Lurgan Club competition

John Gilliland winner of the Open Singles Competition receiving the Dawson Manufacturing & Engineering Murphy Cup from Club President, Stephen Poots.
John Gilliland winner of the Open Singles Competition receiving the Dawson Manufacturing & Engineering Murphy Cup from Club President, Stephen Poots.

Lurgan Bowling Club staged their male section competitions over three nights last week with a high standard of bowling throughout by some of the top bowlers in the club with the added benefit of good weather.

The mixed triples final for the Hostge Shield, sponsored by Alan Brown & Co (Insurance Brokers), was won by Mansel Montgomery, Derek Henderson and young Laura Cassells, who bowled magnificently throughout the match.

Runners-up Angela Thompson, Bobby Boness and Mel Hamilton claimed the Falloon Cup.

Thompson’s rink was down 9-2 at the three-quarter stage of the 15-end contest but struck back when she brought the mat up the green to frustrate the opposition to take the score to 12-10 after 13 ends.

However, Montgomery’s rink finished strong to win 14-10.

The Open Pairs final for the Decor8 Ruddell Cup was won by Alan Briggs and Vincent Devlin who played Sam Neill and Charlie Maguire over 15 ends. Neill’s pair started strongly with double shots off the first two ends.

However once Devlin, who had bowled exceptionally well as lead throughout the competition, got his line and length there was no stopping the Briggs pair.

Briggs and Devlin went 6-4 up at the quarter stage and with Devlin’s stronghold on the game Neill and Maguire could not cope with the purposeful short ends and could not make the necessary impact; allowing Briggs and Devlin to win 27-8. Sam Neill and Charlie Maguire won the Campbell Cup.

The Lurgan Credit Union Lurgan 400 Anniversary Trophy was won by Harry Cosgrove’s rink, comprising Michael Bunting, Winifred Kirkwood and Chloe Wilson.

Harry Cosgrove’s rink played Alan Roberts, skip, Molly Ward, Bobby Boness and Stewart Martin in the 18-end final. It was generally expected to be a close encounter but Cosgrove’s rink dominated on the night; especially with young Chloe Wilson, the Irish U25 International bowling at her best.

Cosgrove’s rink raced into an 8-0 lead after 8 ends. While Robert’s rink made some inroads into Cosgrove’s lead to be just 11-5 behind after the 11th end they never recovered from losing 5 shots at the 13th. From then they were in an uphill struggle to the lift the trophy with Cosgrove’s rink winning 21-12.

Steady bowling helped John Gilliland throughout the Dawson Manufacturing & Engineering Murphy Cup Open Singles Final to win it for the first time in his club career.

Facing Michael Bunting, he coasted to a 13-1 lead after 7 ends. Bunting attempted a valiant comeback aided by a good triple-shot win on the 11th end to recover to 15-7 but Gilliland remained in charge to win 21-10. Michael Bunting received the Alex Bushe Cup as runner-up.

A fascinating 2-bowl 12-end singles competition, which included some great close matches on the way to the final, was introduced for the first time this season.

Mansel Montgomery, who kept the lead throughout the final, played Harry Cosgrove in the quick forty-five minute contest to win the Dawson Manufacturing & Engineering Boyes Cup by 10-7. Harry Cosgrove won the runner-up trophy.

Lurgan Bowling Club would wish to thank all their sponsors for their generous and enthusiastic support for the competitions and the club in general.