Players aim for the top in Individual Championships

Darts update
Darts update

It was every man for himself this week in the Craigavon District Darts League as it was the first of two weeks action with everyone trying to become League Individual champion.

With 68 entries the aspiration was to make it into week two and qualify for the last 32 and already some favourites fallen at the first fence .

Board one had some tight games none more as Gary Bell ended the hopes of 2012 winner Shane Lennon when he took out double 18 for a 110 checkout to win 3-2.

Board two seen champion John Bishorek Sr start off with a 3-0 win over Hugh Heaney and it was on this board that also seen Conor Mallon put an end to one of the favourites Clive Hanna when he recorded an excellent 3-1 win over the Drumgor man.

Board three seen a comeback win for Micky McConville as he lost the first two legs only to take the next three to progress into the next round.

Adrian Hutchinson needed a last leg deciding leg win also to get the better of Pat Curran and it was Shane Tallon who came out on top 3-0 when he faced team mate Michael Lamb.

Board four had more deciding leg matches than any other and it was like that right from the start . Terry Morrow needed all five legs to get past Noel Dunwoodie in the preliminary match only to fall short in his next match as INF captain Seamy Tallon took the deciding leg to win 3-2.

In the third match Stevie Duff was relieved to get through as John McDowell missed doubles for the win only for Stevie to progress 3-2.

With 32 players through to next week it is still all to play for as everyone will have high hopes of getting their name on The Paddy Magill Memorial cup and be crowned League Individual Champion 2015.


Board 1 Preliminary: Gary Bell 3-0 Nathan McCabe.

1st round: Chris Cinnamond 3-1 Conor Quinn; Lee Culbert 3-0 Paul Lewis ; Gerard Crewe 3-1 Michael Maloco; Martin Murray 3-2 Emmett Turley; Pearse Richardson 3-1 Roy White; Michael Scullion w/o Davy Dunwoodie; David Moncrieff Culbert 3-0 Marty Craig; Gary Bell 3-2 Shane Lennon.

Board 2 Preliminary: Gareth Bunting 3-1 David Vaughan Jr.

1st round: Micky Dunwoodie 3-1 Colm Toman; Vincey Culbert w/o Sam Frazer ; John Bishorek 3-0 Hugh Shugg Heaney; Caolan Lavery 3-0 Paul Magee ; Mark McLernon 3-0 Eamon Duff ; James Henry w/o Leonard Fox; Conor Mallon 3-1 Clive Hanna; Gareth Bunting 3-0 Micky Campbell.

Board 3 Preliminary : Michael Stokie Lamb 3-0 Andrew Fairbairn.

1st round: Micky McConville 3-2 Hugh Campbell ; Criostoir Lewsley 3-1 Stuart Matchett; John Cinnamond 3-0 John Hatchell; Mark Magee 3-0 Davy Vaughan Sr; Adrian Hutchinson 3-2 Pat Curran; Bobby Magee 3-0 Liz McLoughlin; Paul Martin McGahan w/o Joe McCabe; Shane Tallon 3-0 Michael Stokie Lamb.

Board 4 Preliminary: Terry Morrow 3-2 Noel Dunwoodie.

1st round: Seamy Tallon 3-2 Terry Morrow; John Jnr Bishorek 3-0 Niall Heaney; Stephen Duff 3-2 John McDowell; Conor Magee 3-2 Paul Beattie; Paul White 3-1 Mick Hendron; Michael Shields 3-1 Nathan Lamb; Micky Cahoon 3-0 Jonathan McAtamney; Joe Duff w/o Paul Callaghan.

Draw for the last 32

Board 1 Chris Cinnamond v Lee Culbert; Gerard Crewe v Martin Murray; Pearse Richardson v Michael Scullion; David Moncrieff Culbert v Gary Bell.

Board 2: Micky Dunwoodie v Vincey Culbert Sr John Bishorek Sr v Caolan Lavery; Mark McLernon v James Henry; Conor Mallon v Gareth Bunting.

Board 3: Micky Mc Conville v Criostoir Lewsley; John Cinnamond v Mark Magee; Adrian Hutchinson v Bobby Magee; Paul Martin Mcgahan v Shane Tallon.

Board 4: Seamy Tallon v Johnjnr Bishorek; Stephen Duff v Conor Magee; Paul White v Michael Shields; Micky Cahoon v Joe Duff.

Winner of Board 1 v Winner of Board 2.

Winner of Board 3 v Winner of Board 4.

Games to get underway at 8.30pm sharp.

Matches are best of 5, semi final best of 7 and the final best of 9 sets.