Strong results to open winter event

Lindsey Megarry on 'Jet' at Lime Park.
Lindsey Megarry on 'Jet' at Lime Park.

The opening meeting of the Lime Park Equestrian Centre Winter Jumping League featured impressive form.

BEGINNERS: Ellie Whithorn, Maddie Whithorn, Emma Ward, Lydia–Marie Close, Kyle Close, Sophie Watt, Dylan Warwick, Sarah Agnew, Rhyanna Dawson, Kelly Ann Dawson. 50CM: Lucy McDowell, Ruth McCutcheon, Ellie Whithorn, Maddie Whithorn, Sophie Watt, Alysia Rea, Vivienne Andrews, Lois Best, Harry McMillan, Rhyanna Dawson, Keeley Megarry, Kelly Ann Dawson, Sophie Hanna, Sarah Agnew. 60CM: Lucy McDowell, Ruth McCutcheon, Rhyanna Weir, Lois Best, Sarah Agnew, Harry McMillan, Zara McRoberts. 70CM: Jamie Leigh Close, Shoshanna Toman, Chelsie Best, Rebecca McParland, Leigh Camlin, Gemma Cherry, Emma Bradford, Roise Digney, Sophie Hanna, Sarah Louise Wilson. 80CM: Lindsey Megarry, Jamie Leigh Close, Shoshanna Toman, Chelsie Best, Caitlin Vallely, Charlotte McRoberts, Abbie McMillan, Leigh Camlin. 90CM OPEN: Abbie McMillan, Rebecca McParland, Jamie Leigh Close, Caitlin Vallely. 1.00MT: Thomas Doonan, Rebecca McParland, Abbie McMillan. 1.10MT: Thomas Doonan.


GILFORD RPS: 1, R.Adamson; 2, C and H.Beattie; 3, Alex and Aiden; 4, Alex and Aiden; VHC, R.Russell; HC, Adamson and Anderson; com, J.Brown; special, S.Hobson and sons. Thanks to judges J.Dowey and sons. The next show will be for any age cock or hen and special best red.

LURGAN SOCIAL: 1, A.Neill; 2, DB.Lyness; 3, A.neill; 4, T.Furphy; RES, TK.Mawhinney; VHC, DB.Lyness; HC, K.Douglas; C, K.Henderson; best YB, DB.Lyness. Thanks to judges D.Thompson and D.Lunn. The next show is for any age cock and hen, with special for best YB, best white flight and pied.


Craigavon B finished down to Ballyearl C by 13-2 in the Ulster League.

Caroline McGuinness posted the only Craigavon consolation, with a 3-2 reverse. James Crawford, Alan Emerson and David Herron each suffered 3-0 defeats.