Outstanding performances by athletes

CRAIGAVON Senior High School held their annual sports day at Antrim Forum again this year.

It was a fantastic day with some outstanding performances.

The Female Athlete of the Day was Emily Gaythwaite and the male Athlete of the Day was Calvin Chambers.

The winners of each event were:

100m - Louis Pearson, Emily Gaythwaite

200m - Gareth Liggett, Emily Gaythwaite

400m - Aaron Elliot, Emily Gaythwaite

800m - Aaron Elliot, Shannon Lyness

1500m - Aaron Duke, Shannon Lyness

3000m - Ryan Turner, Courtney Adamson

Long Jump - Daniel Anderson, Naomi Lightowler

High Jump, Calvin Chambers, Judith Edgar

Triple Jump, Calvin Chambers, Judith Edgar

Shot - Graeme Currie, Katherine McAuley

Discus - Nathan Turner, Faith Parks

Javelin, Nathan Turner, Jessica Marjoram