Queen Street extend unbeaten run


QUEEN Street are in a strong promotion position after extending their unbeaten run to three matches.

Their latest win came against local rivals and promotion contenders St Paul’s.

On mat one for Queen Street Trevor Hampton, Henry Smyth, Nora Johnston and Sadie Smyth found it difficult to get extra winning shots as they trailed 10-1 after six ends to St Paul’s Peter McGrail, Arthur Donnelly, Bridie McCorry and Aidan McKavanagh.

The Queen Street four could only reply with single and double shots in the last four ends as they lost 10-8.

Alan Cassells, Cedric Law, Gloria White and Alison Roberts on two for Queen Street never gave the Taghnevan four of Marie Corey, Bobby Walsh, Joe Lavery and Marie Campbell time to settle as they raced into an 11-0 lead.

St Paul’s could only add a double shot in the next end as the home four ran out comfortable 16-2 winners.

In the second half on mat three for Queen Street Joanne Scorah, Rodney McCarthy, A. Bell and A. Plackitt were tied at 4-4 after five ends with Jenny McVeigh, Catherine McGrail, Paul Henderson and Joe Mallon.

The St Paul’s four conceded seven shots in the next three ends as Queen Street went on to win 11-6.

Bobby Boness, Olive Gillespie, Sam Warren and Malcolm Lynch on four for Queen Street were 5-2 down at one stage but looked like they were heading for victory when they went 8-5 in front with only three ends remaining.

However the St Paul’s rink of Michael Bunting, Dan Dempsey, Molly Ward and Gloria Coleman stunned their opponents by scoring a ‘hot shot’ eight in the next end to lead 13-8 and added seven more shots in the final two ends for a 20-8 victory.

St Patrick’s Gold 41(1.5)

Queen Street 41.25(5.5)

Scores were(St Patrick’s first):

M. Lappin, P. McArdle, C. Fields, B. McTaggart 11 G. Wilson, M. Smith, O. Gillespie, B. Boness 11, K. McAvincey, A. McTaggart, D. McAtavey, M. McCluskey 9 S. Smyth, A. Bell, S. Warren, T. Hampton 14, A. McFadden, S. McRory, A. McArdle, G. Devlin 11 E. Wilson, C. Law, A. Cassells 11.25, P. Carson, T. McAvinchey, B. Trainor, P. Gallagher 10 A. Plackitt, M. Lynch, J. Wright, J. Scorah 5.

Queen Street 44(5) Tandragee GC 40(2)

Scores were(Queen Street first):

M. Lynch, G. White, C. Law, A. Cassells 14 J. Hill, M. Hill, T. Burns, P. Lappin 5, A. Plackitt, S. Warren, J. Scorah, R. McCarthy 13 V. Leckey, G. Ford, J. Leckey, G. Laverty 9, G. Wilson, E. Wilson, O. Gillespie, B. Boness 11 W. Yeman, D. Yeman, J. Black, S. Black 15, S. Smyth, J. Wright, H. Smyth, T. Hampton 6 O. Ford, J. Carson, L. Grimley, N. Garvey 11.

Queen Street 30(2) Tullysaran 45(5)

Scores were(Queen Street first):

A. Plackitt, J. Wright, J. Scorah, R. McCarthy 3 F. Davy, B. Jones, K. Davy, J. McCann 17, G. Wilson, M. Lynch, O. Gillespie, B. Boness 5 B. Lawn, W. Conlon, M. Connolly, F. McCready 16, E. Wilson, G. White, C. Law, A. Cassells 10 M. Conlon, M. Trainor, A. Trainor 6.57, S. Smyth, A. Bell, H. Smyth, T. Hampton 12 E. Conlon, G. Garvey, P. Garvey 5.25.

St Anthony’s 46(7) Drumgor 21.25(0)

Scores were(St Anthony’s first):

E. Trainor E. McElroy, C. Trainor, T. Crawford 11 M. Grimley, E. McCourt, J. Beattie 5.25, E. McDonald, D. McCallion, G. Magennis, D. McDonald 9 P. Devlin, S. Corrigan, M. Grimley, A. Corrigan 5, C. Breen, B. Moore, A. Conroy, S. Conroy 11 D. Funnell, I. Doone, C. McMillen, M. Sproule 6, P. Thompson, B. Wilson, K. Trainor, J. Murnaghan 15 E. Skelton, R. Beattie, J. Doone, D. Beattie 5.

Drumgor 36(7) St John’s 22(0)

Scores were(Drumgor first):

P. Devlin, J. Doone, D. Beattie 6 A. Kirk, K. Magowan, W. Kirkwood, B. Martin 3, E. Skelton, R. Beattie, M. Sproule 9.75 A. Mulligan, T. Ferguson, B. Jones, I. Ferguson 9, M. Grimley, S. Garvey, C. McMillen 7.5 M. Whitty, R. Perry, J. Taylor, R. Whitty 5, B. Beattie, M. Grimley, A. Corrigan 12.75 I. Cunningham, B. Hutchinson, W. Coulter, S. White 5.

Kilmore 28.25(0) St Matthew’s 47.25(7)

Scores were(Kilmore first):

A. McConville, A. Woolsey, F. O’Dowd, E. O’Neill 9 F. Robinson, J. McNally, H. Agnew, F. McNally 10, M. Cullen, L. McCusker, N. Quinn 5.25 A. Robinson, M. Beatie, N. Uprichard 17.25, M. Harte, J. Cunningham,H. Convery, D. Breen 6 L. Sharpe, H. Farmer, G. Buckley, D. Burrows 9, G. Anderson, M. Lennon, J. Murphy, J. Maginess 8 R. Farquhar, J. Robinson, T. Boyd, A. Caldwell 11.

Markethill 28(0.5)

Councty Armagh GC 49(6.5)

Scores were(Markethill first):

W. Montgomery, F. Johnston, A. Downard, R. Hunter 10 A. McGrath, R. Deering, K. McCall, C. Deering 10, R. McTurk, E. Hunter, M. Kilpatrick, R. Hunter 5 J. Lappin, I. Irwin, D. Marshall, C. Dunwoody 6, M. Dempster, C. Armstrong, E. Smyth, J. Marshall 2 G. McCartan, J. Henderon, S. McCall, L. McCartan 16, A. Crozier, B. Downard, D. Smyth, R. Collen 11 S. Kidd, S. Faulkner, G. Crothers, R. Kidd 17.

Moira Pres 40.5(5.5) Lakeside 28(1.5)

Scores were(Moira first):

M. Nelson, G. Bell, K. Nelson 10.5 J. Robinson, J. Lappin, D. Robinson C. Mackle 5, G. White, F. Nolan, F. Shannon, D. Mawhinney 16 M. McKeever, T. Breslan, M. McCue, B. McAlinden 5, J. McCaughey, J. Coulter, J. Pithie, F. Todd 6 M. Long, E. McConville, M. Lappin, J. Campbell 10, JD Logan, NB Logan, U. Parr, N. Fairley 8 B. McGilly, J. Hamill, C. Henderson, J. Mackle 8.

Shankill 31(1) StPatrick’s Gold 44(6)

Scores were(Shankill first):

D. Bleakley, G. Johnston, B. Bunting, R. Millar 7 T. Devine, A. McFadden, A. McArdle, G. Devlin 12, A. Mullan, M. Livingstone, D. Drake, D. Millar 10 P. Carson, S. McRory, C. Fields, B. McTaggart 6, I. Anderson, M. Pierson, C. Maguire, D. Henderson 5 P. McArdle, T. McAvinchey, B. Trainor, P. Gallagher 11, C. Martin, E. Weir, R. McCullough, L. Wallace 9 K. McAvinchey, A. Taggart, P. McAvoy, M. McCluskey 15.

Tandragee GC 35(6.5) Shankill 22(0.5)

Scores were(Tandragee first):

M. Hill, J. Carson, G. Forde, G. Laverty 12 B. Livingstone, J. Girvan, M. Mullan, G. Johnston 4, A. Gibney, J. Quinn, T. Burns, P. Lappin 9 E. Weir, C. Martin, R. McCullough, L. Wallace 5, W. Yeman, J. Leckey, L. Grimley, N. Garvey 8 D. Bleakley, M. Livingstone, D. Drake, D. Millar 8, A. Magowan, D. Yeman, J. Black, S. Black 6 N. Kane, M. Pierson, R. Millar, D. Henderson 5.

Portadown GC 50(7) Tandragee GC 25(0)

Scores were(Portadown first):

L. Holloway, S. Gilpin, S. Livingstone, G. Robinson 16 A. Gibney, J. Quinn, T. Burns, P. Lappin 4, G. Weir, H. McCartney, E. McReynolds, E. Patterson 11 D. Yeman, J. Carson, J. Leckey, G. Laverty 8, P. Gordon, T. Smyth, E. Corkin, G. Holloway 13 M. Hill, G. Forde, J. Black, S. Black 10, H. Corkin, I. Patterson, D. Lee, D. Allen 10 O. Forde, W. Yeman, L. Grimley, N. Garvey 3.

Waringstown 28(1) St Saviour’s 42(6)

Scores were(Waringstown first):

J. McCullough, B. McCoy, K. McCoy, T. Perry 3 E. Lavery, E. Whitten, P. Whittle, M. Wilson 11, J. Duff, B. Irwin, A. Turkington, A. Reed 9 M. Hobson, M. Whitla, R. Walker, I. Mulholland 10, L. McKay, M. Harrison, T. Anderson, N. McCoy 13 S. Whittle, D. Agnew, P. Moffett, A. Hughes 9, J. Copeland, M. Hamilton, N. Wilson, K. McCoy 3 M. Hobson, R. Hobson, U. Shaw, H. McIvor 12.

St Malachy’s 30(1) St Patrick’s Blue 48(6)

Scores were(St Malachy’s first):

D. Russell, I. McCann, J. Quinn, E. Quinn 2 P. Greene, O. Curran, P. Vallely, I. Mallon 19, P. McAloran, A. Dunbar, T. McCaffrey, J. Lawless 14 E. Greene, E. McCone, E. Toal, B. Donnelly 2, I. Shortt, E. O’neill, JP Henderson, T. Lawless 7 G. McGleenon, K. Sheridan, M. Livingstone, J. Hughes 12, F. Hayes, S. Morgan, C. Coleman, M. Tennyson 7 K. Mallon, M. Healy, P. Kernan, J. Donnelly 15.