St Anthony’s move into fourth

ST Anthony’s had no problem picking up six points against bottom of the table side Kilmore to move them into fourth position in the league.

But they found it more difficult at Waringstown where the home side put up a spirited display to take one and a half points.

Kilmore 27(1) St Anthony’s 49(6)

Scores were(Kilmore first):

M. Lennon, M. Cullen, L. McRory, J. Maginness 5 E. Trainor, E. McDonald, P. Corvan, J. Murnaghan 18; A. McConville, W. McRory, J. Morris, P. Rooney 4 G. Magennis, D. McCallion, S. Breen, K. Trainor 15; M. Harte, J. Magennis, C. Rooney, N. Quinn 8 P. Thompson, A. Conroy, S. Trainor, S. Conroy 9; K. Magennis, A. Woolsey, F. O’Dowd, L. Magennis 10 C. Breen, B. Moore, A. Pollin, D. McDonald 7.

Waringstown 30(1.5)

St Anthony’s 52(5.5)

Scores were(Waringstown first):

J. McCullough, R. Russell, N. Wilson, K. McCoy 8 E. Trainor, M. McInerney, C. Trainor, D. McDonald 8; B. Irwin, B. McCoy, K. McCoy, T. Perry 4 J. McQuaid, H. Dillon, E. McDonald, S. Conroy 18; D. Emo, A. Turkington, R. Harrison, A. Reed 2 C. Breen, G. McGuinness, S. Trainor, N. Haire 21; J. Copeland, C. Coleman, T. Anderson, N. McCoy 30 P. Thompson, F. McElroy, S. Breen, K. Trainor 5.

St Anthony’s 42(2) St Mark’s 45(5)

Scores were(St Anthony’s first):

C. Breen, E. McElroy, P. Corr, T. Crawford 16 M. Cassells, R. Cassells, P. Wilson, G. Culbert 2; F. Trainor, S. Breen, D. Wright, K. Trainor 10 R. Cassells, S. McCartney, J. Richardson, T. Bell 14; P. Thompson, G. McGuinness, C. Trainor, D. McDonald 4 R. Bolton, S. Jess, J. Gray, A. Leckey 29; D. McCallion, A. Conroy, S. Trainor, S. Conroy 12 V. Leckey, D. Malcomson, P. Beattie, A. Roberts 9.

St Paul’s 42(4) St Columba’s 32(3)

The St Paul’s rink under skip Arthur Donnelly proved to be the team’s match winner as their splendid 20-2 victory helped claim the three bonus points.

Scores were(St Paul’s first):

J. Mallon, J. Lavery, C. McGrail, J. McVeigh 6 T. Woods, S. Cole, H. Harrison, E. McCartney 9; A. McKavanagh, M. Campbell, G. Little, M. Corey 8 J. Pierson, H. Fleming, S. McIvor, K. Matchett 9; E. Sullivan, B. McCorry, B. Walsh, A. Donnelly 20 K. Lamond, B. Smyth, B. Jackson, S. Johnston 2; G. Coleman, P. Henderson, M. Ward, M. Bunting 8 B. Gill, H. Morrow, S. McClean, T. Stephens 12.

St Saviour’s 34(6) Drumgor 29(1)

Scores were(St Saviour’s first):

J. Thompson, R. Hobson, U. Shaw, H. McIvor 12 E. Skelton, I. Doone, C. McMillen, M. Sproule 7; R. Lipsett, D. Agnew, P. Moffett, A. Hughes 9 M. Grimley, B. Beattie, E. McCourt, J. Beattie 8; P. Murphy, M. Whitla, P. Whittle, R. Walker 5 D. Devlin, R. Beattie, J. Doone, D. Beattie 9; Mrs Hussenn, M. Hussen, E. Whitten, T. Mulholland 8 S. Garvey, M. Grimley, S. Skelton, A. Corrigan 5.

Mullavilly 35(5) St Mark’s 26.5(2)

Scores were(Mullavilly first):

M. Milligan, T. Irwin, J. Haffey, D. Ewart 8 D. Armstrong, C. Leckey, R. Cassells, R. Cassells 5; S. Minish, P. Wilson, G. Culbert 7 S. McKinney, B. Wright, E. Kennedy, J. Wright 7.5; F. Irwin, H. Beresford, L. milligan, M. Milligan 11 R. Bolton, M. Bell, T. Eldon, J. Richardson 4; B. Upton, C. Whitten, B. Quinn, R. Kennedy 9 T. Bell, R. Cassells, G. Jess, J. Gray 10.

Tullysaran 45(6.5) Moira Pres 28(0.5)

Scores were(Tullysaran first):

E. Conlon, M. Connolly, P. Mallon, K. Daly 8 M. Nelson, J. Gervis, R. McNally, F. Todd 6; F. Daly, B. Jones, F. White, H. Trainor 11 G. White, F. Nolan, F. Shannon, D. Mawhinney 6; M. Conlon, G. Garvey, J. McCann, P. Garvey 16 J. McCaughey, G. Bell, J. Coulter, K. Nelson 6; B. Lawn, W. Conlon, M. Trainor, F. McGready 10 JD Logan, N. Logan, U. Parr, N. Fairley 10.

St Patrick’s Blue 46(6) Moira Pres 37(1)

Scores were(St Patrick’s first):

P. Greene, O. Cullen, M. Livingstone, B. Donnelly 15 J. McCaughey, J. Coulter, M. Turner, K. Nelson 7; S. Kirk, K. Sheridan, J. Mallen, P. Kernan 15 M. Nelson, G. Bell, F. Shannon, D. Mawhinney 6; H. Rattray, K. Mallen, E. Toal, J. Donnelly 10 A. McNally, F. Nolan, R. McNally, F. Todd 8; G. McGleenan, P. Vallely, B. McGleenan, J. Hughes 6 JD Logan, J. Gervis, U. Parr, N. Fairley 16.

St Patrick’s Magheralin 50(7)

Markethill 26(0)

Scores were(St Patrick’s first):

A. Millen, H. Byrne, E. Wright, J. Wright 11 R. McTurk, F. Johnston, A. Downard, R. Hunter 8; A. Creaney, A. O’Brien, C. Lyons, D. Totten 10 B. Downard, E. Hunter, E. Smyth, R. Hunter 6; A. Byrne, D. Hill, M. Byrne, T. Connolly 11 A. Crozier, M. Dempsetr, R. Collen, E. King 4; N. Girvan, T. Fitzpatrick, M. McCammick, R. Kennedy 18 W. Montgomery, C. Armstrong, A. Smyth, J. Marshall 8.

St Columba’s 30(2) St Pat’s Gold 31(5)

Scores were(St Columba’s first):

K. Lamond, B. Smyth, H. Harrison, S. Johnston 12 A. McFadden, S. McRory, A. McArdle, G. Devlin 3; E. Watson, S. McIvor, V. Graham, E. McCartney 9 M. Lappin, P. McArdle, C. Fields, B. McTaggart 5; J. Pierson, S. Cole, C. Parr, K. Matchett 4 K. McAvinchey, A. McTaggart, D. McAtavey, M. McCluskey 15, T. Woods, H. Morrow, S. MacClean, T. Stephens 5 T. Toner, T. McAvinchey, B. Trainor, P. Gallagher 8.

Lakeside 27(1) Portadown GC 50(6)

Scores were(Lakeside first):

A. Hamill, M. Hamill, C. Henderson, J. Mackle 6 H. Corkin, T. Smyth, D. Lee, D. Allen 7; C. McDonald, E. McConville, M. Lappin, J. Campbell 1 L. Holloway, J. Patterson, D. Gilpin, G. Robinson 27; B. McGilly, S. Devlin, D. Robinson, C. Mackle 7 P. Gordon, J. Madill, E. Corkin, G. Holloway 10; B. McKeever, J. Robinson, T. Breslaw, B. McAlinden 13 M. Cooper, G. Weir, H. Patterson, E. Patterson 6.

County Armagh Golf Club v Kilmore - Kilmore were unable to field a team and conceded the match.