St Anthony’s win

PLAY has resumed in the Armagh Indoor Bowling League.

And Craigavon side St Anthony’s made a great return to form by taking all seven points against Mullavilly in a 63-16 win.

Scores were (St Anthony’s rinks first):

E. Trainor, G. Maguinness, K. Trainor, J. Murnaghan 14, M. Milligan, F. Irvine, J. Haffey, D. Ewart 3; C. Breen, C. Trainor, M. Trainor, D. McDonald 24, S. McKinney, M. Sergeant, E. Kennedy, J. Wright 5; E. McDonald, A. Polin, B. Conlon, P. Corvan 11, B. Wright, C. Whitten, B. Quinn, S. Hartley 5; P. Thompson, S. Breen, S. Trainor, S. Conroy 14, C. Whitten, H. Beresford, B. Burns, R. Kennedy 3.

St Paul’s also took all seven points when they won 55-26 against Tandragee Golf Club.

Scores were (St Paul’s rinks first):

E. Sullivan, D. McCorry, A. Donnelly, P. McGrail 8, M. Hill, O. Ford, G. Ford, N. Garvey 7; D. McCabrey, M. Campbell, G. Little, M. Corey 25, M. Robinson, J. Carson, I. Burns, P. Lappin 5; A. Kavanagh, J. Lavery, C. McGrail, J. McVeigh 13, B. Robinson, W. Yeman, J. Leckey, G. Laverty 6; G. Coleman, M. Ward, D. Dempsey, M. Bunting 9, A. Magowan, D. Yeman, J. Black, S. Black 8.

Waringstown emerged as 42-27 winners in a local derby game against St Patrick’s, Magheralin.

Scores were (Waringstown rinks first):

M. Abbott, L. Wylie, Keith McCoy, T. Perry 7, Michelle Wright, A. Creaney, J. Thornton, D. Totten 5; J. Copeland, B. Irwin, T. Anderson, N. McCoy 10, N. Girvan, T. Fitzpatrick, C. Lyons, R. Kennedy 8; C. Rankin, B. McCoy, N. Wilson, Ken McCoy 16, Jimmy Furphy, A. O’Brien, E. Wright, Joe Furphy 8, J. Gilchrist, M. Harrison, A. Turkington, A. Reed 9, A. Byrne, M. Byrne, H. Byrne, T. Connolly 6.

Shankill could only manage to win one points when they faced Portadown Golf Club at home and lost 47-20.

Scores were (Shankill rinks first):

E. Mitchell, B. Livingston, C. Maguire, D. Henderson 5, I. Patterson, N. Armstrong, E. Mcreynolds, D. Allen 20; I. Anderson, A. Mullan, R. McKelvey, C. Bunting 6, L. Hollyway, S. Gilpin, S. Livingston, B. Robinson 10; E. Weir, C. Martin, R. McCullough, L. Wallace 9, M. Cooper, C. Weir, D. Lee, E. Patterson 5; N. Kane, J. Girvan, M. Livingston, D. Millar 4, P. Gordon, H. McCartney, E. Corkin, G. Hollyway 12.