St Patrick’s into semi-final


THE Aghagallon side staged a spirited fightback to qualify for the semi-final of the Lisburn Zone Rosebowl.

They now meet first division side Hillsborough Social at the Eglantine venue.

On mat one for Aghagallon Geraldine Tallon, Bobby Walsh, Shane Russell and Ann Tallon made a great start by winning the first four tight ends to go 7-0 ahead.

The Lisburn rink under skip B. Smyth finally settled down to level the score at 7-7 after three unbeaten ends.

The rinks went into the final end all square at 8-8 but the Aghagallon skip Geraldine Tallon hit the Lisburn winning head to snatch a match winning three shots for a hard earned 11-8 victory.

Genny Little, Freddie Russell, Molly McBarron and John Connolly for St Patrick’s struggled in the first six ends to trail 8-2.

The Lisburn rink under skip Marie Campbell remained in control of the remainder of the game to score a 12-6 victory to give their side a three shot lead at the interval.

On three for Aghgallon Eamon Hamill, Una Corey, Patricia Rogers and Phyllis Russell were pleased to pick up vital single and double winning shots in the first six tensely fought ends for a 6-2 lead.

The Lisburn rink under skip Geoff Fawcus tried hard to reduce the scoreline but they conceded four crucial ends as the home rink completed a convincing 10-3 win.

Marie Corey, Rita Hamill, Joe Lavery and Martha Fitzpatrick on four for St Patrick’s got off to a brilliant start with a seven shot in the first end and then added seven more shots in their next three winning ends for a substantial 14-3 lead after five ends.

The Lisburn rink under skip Billy Spence could only reply with single shots as the St Patrick’s four ran out 15-7 winners.

Portadown GC 37(2)

St Paul’s 38(5)

Scores were(Portadown first):

M. Cooper, G. Weir, T. Benson, E. Patterson 7 M. Campbell, A. McKavangh, G. Little, M. Corey 8, L. Holloway, S. Gilpin, S. Livingstone, C. Robinson 18 J. Mallon, J. Lavery, M. Ward, J. McVeoigh 5, H. Corkin, M. Patterson, E. McReynolds, D. Allen 11 B. McCorry, A. Donnelly, B. Walsh, P. McGrail 10, P. Gordon, T. Madill, E. Corkin, G. Holloway 1 G. Coleman, P. Henderson, D. Dempsey, M. Bunting 38.

Shankill 27(1) St Malachy’s 45(6)

Scores were(Shankill first):

A. Mullan, D. Bleakley, R. Millar, D. Millar 8 F. Hayes, S. McCaffrey, C. Coleman, M. Tennyson 7, J. Girvan, N. Kane, D. Drake, G. Bunting 8 P. McAloran, A. Dunbar, T. McCaffrey, J. Lawless 14, I. Anderson, B. Livingstone, C. Maguire, D. Henderson 4 I. Shortt, E. O’Neill, JP Henderson, T. Lawless 15, C. Martin, G. Johnston, R. McCullough, L. Wallace 7 D. Russell, I. McCann, J. Quinn, E. Quinn 9.

Moira Pres 33.5(5)

St Patrick’s Gold 27(2)

Scores were(Moira first):

G. Bell, J. Pithie, F. Todd 8.25 K. McAvinchey, P. McCarron, C. Fields, B. McTaggart 3, M. Nelson, R. McNally, K. Nelson 8.25 T. Devine, A. McFadden, A. McArdle, G. Devlin 9, J. McCaughey, F. Nolan, F. Shannon, D. Mawhinney 11 P. McArdle, S. McRory, P. McAtavey, M. McCluskey 4, A. McNally, JD Logan, U. Parr, N. Fairley 6 M. Lappin, T. McAvinchey, A. McTaggart, B. Trainor 11.

St Saviour’s 42(6.5)

County Armagh GC 34(0.5)

Scores were(St Saviour’s first)

Mrs M. Hobson, G. Smith, P. Whittle, D. Jordan 10 C. Donaldson, R. Deering, K. McCall, G. Crothers 9, M. Whitla, E. Whitten, R. Walker, T. Mulholland 10 G. McCartan, J. Hendron, S. Mccall, L. McCartan 10, M. Hobson, D. Agnew, U. Shaw, A. Hughes 10 A. McGrath, I. Irwin, C. Deering, R. Kidd 5, R. Hobson, P. Moffett, H. McIvor, M. Wilson 12 J. Lappin, S. Kidd, D. Marshall, C. Dunwoody 10.

Tandragee GC 43(5.5)

Moira Pres 31(1.5)

Scores were(Tandragee first):

W. Yeman, G. Forde, J. Black, S. Black 17 JD Logan, M. Nelson, U. Parr, N. Fairley 6, D. Yeman, J. Carson, L. Grimley, N. Garvey 6 J. McCaughey, J. Gervais, F. Todd, B. Hobson 12, A. Magowan, M. Hill, T. Burns, P. Lappin 6 G. White, A. McNally, F. Shannon, D. Mawhinney 6, A. Magowan, J. Leckey, A. Walsh, G. Laverty 14 F. Nolan, G. Bell, R. McNally 7.

St Malachy’s 29.75(2)

Queen Street 39(5)

Scores were(St Malachy’s first):

S. McCaffrey, S. Morgan, E. O’Neill, M. Tennyson 8 A. Plackitt, M. Lynch, R. McCarthy, J. Scorah 10, D. Russell, I. McCann, J. Quinn, C. Coleman 3 G. Wilson, M. Smith, S. Warren, O. Gillespie 19, P. McAloran, T. McCaffrey, J. Lawless 10.5 E. Wilson, G. White, C. Law, B. Boness 4, I. Shortt, JP Henderson, T. Lawless 8.25 S. Smyth, N. Johnston, M. Smyth, T. Hampton 6.

Lakeside 30(1) Tullysaran 56(6)

Scores were(Lakeside first):

B. McGilly, J. Lappin, D. Robinson, C. Mackle 7 W. Conlon, M. Connelly, P. Mallon, A. Rooney 22, M. Long, E. McConville, M. Lappin, J. Campbell 7 M. Conlon, G. Garvey, J. McCann, P. Garvey 11, S. Devlin, M. McHugh, T. Breslan, B. McAlinden 13 F. Daly, M. Trainor, F. White, H. Trainor 9, A. Hamill, C. McDonald, J. Hamill, C. Henderson 3 E. Conlon, B. Jones, K. Daly, E. McGready 14.

St Patrick’s Gold 25(1)

Portadown GC 55(6)

Scores were(St Patrick’s first):T. Devine, A. McFadden, A. McArdle, G. Devlin 2 H. Corkin, M. Bullock, H. McCartney, D. Allen 22, K. McAvinchey, P. Carson, C. Fields, B. McTaggart 6 M. Cooper, G. Weir, E. McReynolds, E. Patterson 11, S. McRory, A. McTaggart, B. Trainor 5 P. Gordon, T. Madill, E. Corkin, G. Holloway 16, P. McArdle, P. McAtavey, M. McCluckey 12, L. Holloway, I. Patterson, S. Gilpin, G. Robinson 6.

St Mark’s 57(7)

St John’s Moira 17(0)

Scores were(St Mark’s first): S. Whyte, D. Malcomson, A. Leckey, J. Richardson 17 I. Cunningham, G. Bleakes, B. Jones, S. White 4, D. Armstrong, V. Leckey, J. Gray, P. Beattie 16 T. Ferguson, W. Kirkwood, W. Coulter, I. Ferguson 4, N. Whyte, S. McCartney, P. Wilson, G. Culbert 13 A. Kirk, B. Hutchinson, K. Magowan, B. Martin 4, C. Leckey, R. Cassells, S. Jess, T. Bell 11 M. Whitty, B. Scott, J. Taylor, C. Whitty 5.

Drumgor 60(6)

St Matthew’s 20(1)

Scores were(Drumgor first) E. Skelton, R. Beattie, M. Grimley, A. Corrigan 7 N. Emerson, J. Frizzell, A. Caldwell, B. Burrows 9, M. Grimley, S. Garvey, E. McCourt, M. Sproule 17 F. Robinson, A. Robinson, T. Boyde, W. Gilpin 4, D. Funnell, K. Ellison, J. Doone, D. Beattie 17 J. Mulholland, R. Farquhar, M. Beattie, N. Uprichard 5, P. Devlin, S. Skelton, I. Doone, C. McMillen 19, J. Elliott, J. Robinson, G. Buckley, F. McNally 2.

Kilmore 41(5) Drumgor 26.25(2)

Scores were(Kilmore first): M. Collen, A. Woolsey, F. O’Dowd, E. O’Neill 13 E. Skelton, S. Garvey, S. Skelton, M. Grimley 7, M. Harte, L. McCusker, T. Murphy, M. Quinn 4 M. Grimley, E. McCourt, S. Sproule 7.5, M. Maginess, A. McConville, C. Rooney, L. Maginess 8 R. Beattie, I. Doone, C. McMillen 9, M.Lennon, J. Maginess, P. Rooney, J. Maginness 16 D. Funnell, J. Doone, J. Beattie 2.75.

Markethill Pres 28(0)

St Saviour’s 43(7)

Scores were(Markethill first): D. Johnston, E. Hunter, M. Kilpatrick, R. Hunter 9 E. Lavery, M. Hobson, D. Whittle, M. Wilson 11, A. Crozier, B. Downard, D. Smyth, R. Collen 7 M. Hobson, S. Whittle, E. Whitten, A. Hughes 12, W. Montgomery, F. Johnston, A. Downard, J. Marahsll 6 T. Murdock, P. Moffett, U. Shaw, H. McIvor 7, M. Dempster, L. Strain, E. Smyth, E. King 6 R. Lipsett, M. Whitla, R. Walker, T. Mulholland 13.

Mullavilly 33(1)

Markethill Pres 48(6)

Scores were(Mullavilly first): M. Milligan, T. Irwin, J. Haffey, D. Ewart 6 W. Montgomery, B. Downard, A. Downard, R. Hunter 13, S. McKinney, B. Quinn, E. Kennedy, J. Wright 6 A. Crozier, F. Johnston, D. Smyth, R. Collen 15, F. Irwin, R. Kennendy, L. Milligan, M. Milligan 11 R. McTurk, C. Armstrong, M. Kilpatrick, R. Hunter 4, B. Upton, H. Beresford, I. Donaldson, S. Hazley 10 M. Dempster, L. Strain, E. Smyth, E. King 16.

Results of games played last Thursday in the Jethro Rinks League were as follows:

Morning section - S. Bates 20(3) W. Cairns 7(0), C. Maguire 14(1) G. Richardson 19(3), C. Whitty 12(3) A. Kirk 11(1), A. Magee 12(1) M. Hamilton 13(3), W. Clingan 12(0) M. Milligan 18(3), W. Cousins 13(1) E. Smyth 14(3).

There were no afternoon games played.

It is finals day on Thursday, March 8, starting at 10.30am.

The rinks who will meet in the final are those of E. Smyth and N. Conlon.

The third and fourth place play off is between the rinks of M. Milligan and N. Garvey.

Everyone is invited to come and watch these last two games in this years competition.

The House 2 Home Cup will be presented to the winning rink and also there will also be prizes for the runners up and the third and fourth placed rinks.

As well cheques will be presented to representatives of the three nominated charities this year - Southern Area Hospice, Macmillan Cancer and Alzheimers.