St Paul’s still in promotion race after derby victory

ST PAUL’S 39(5.5) SHANKILL 27(1.5)

AN understrength St Paul’s team edged out local rivals Shankill by 12 shots to maintain their chances of promotion to the first division.

On mat one for St Paul’s Marie Corey, Genny Little, Marie Campbell and Aidan McKavangh made an excellent start by winning the first four ends to go into a 10-0 lead.

The Shankill four of Charlie Maguire, Derek Henderson, Bobby Livingstone and Iris Anderson managed to get on the scoresheet but St Paul’s won 12-7.

Jenny McVeigh, Bobby Walsh, Joe Lavery and Joe Mallon on two for the home team were 4-0 down after the first three ends but fought back to win five of the next six ends to go into the last end 7-5 in front.

Shankill’s Gareth Bunting, David Drake, N. Kane and Jim Girvan made an outstanding rally in the final end to clinch three shots for an 8-7 victory.

On three for St Paul’s Dan Dempsey, Molly Ward, Joan Bunting and Gloria Coleman struggled as they trailed 5-3 after five ends.

Although they drew level at 5-5 after two more ends the Shankill four of Reece Millar, David Millar, Molly Livingstone and A. Mullen went into the last end 8-5 ahead.

However St Paul’s managed to find three shots in the final end to share the spoils at 8-8.

The three bowler rink of Peter McGrail, Bridie McCorry and Eilish Sullivan on four for St Paul’s were 4-3 ahead before a great unbeaten run of four ends earned them 10 shots and a 14-3 lead with three ends remaining.

The Shankill rink of Ronnie McCullough, Lindsay Wallace, E. Mitchell and E. Weir were completely outplayed as St Paul’s went on to win 12-4.

St John’s Moira 34(2) Waringstown 36(5)

Scores were(St John’s first):

B. Hutchinson, T. Ferguson, I. Graham, W. Coulter 12 B. Irvine, L. Wylie, A. Turkington, A. Reed 9, M. Whitty, R. Perry, J. Taylor, C. Whitty 11 D. McCullough, H. Matthews, K. McCoy, T. Perry 10, I. Cunningham, A. Mulligan, I. Ferguson 6 J. Copeland, C. Coleman, T. Anderson, N. McCoy 7, A. Kirk, G. Bleakes, K. Magowan, W. Kirkwood 5 J. McCullough, P. Russell, N. Wilson, K. McCoy 10.

St Anthony’s 44.75(7) St John’s Moira 17(0)

Scores were(St Anthony’s first):

C. Breen, G. Magennis, S. Trainor, D. McDonald 12 G. Bateman, K. Magowan, B. Jones, W. Coulter 3, S. Breen, K. Trainor, J. Murnaghan 12.75 M. Whitty, B. Scott, A. Mulligan, C. Whitty 4, E. Trainor, C. Trainor, P. Corvan, N. Haire 10 I. Cunningham, G. Bleakes, W. Kirkwood, S. White 6, P. Thompson, E. McDonald, D. Wright, S. Conroy 10 A. Kirk, B. Hutchinson, J. Taylor, B. Martin 4.

St Saviour’s 43(6) St John’s Moira 24(1)

P. Murphy, R. Hobson, E. Whitten, M. Wilson 6 A. Kirk K. Magowan, A. Mulligan, B. Martin 11, J. Thompson, M. Whitla, R. Walker, T. Mulholland 16 W. Kirkwood, R. Perry, W. Coulter, I. Ferguson 4, W. Pierson, D. Agnew, U. Shaw, A. Hughes 12 I. Cunningham, G. Bleakes, B. Jones, S. White 3, M. Hobson, M. Hobson, G. Smith, D. Jordan 9 M. Whitty, B. Scott, J. Taylor, C. Whitty 6.

St Patrick’s Magheralin 38(1.5)

St Saviour’s 39(5.5)

Scores were(St Patrick’s first):

M. Wright, M. Byrne, J. Connolly, J. Furphy 8 R. Lipsett, C. Abernethy, P. Whittle, D. Jordan 8, A. Byrne, H. Byrne, J. Thornton, E. Wright 8 E. Lavery, R. Hobson, E. Whitten, A. Hughes 12, A. O’Brien, I. Fitzpatrick, A. Creaney, J. Wright 10 J. Thompson, M. Hobson, U. Shaw, H. McIvor 12, N. Girvan, C. Lyons, K. Totten, R. Kennedy 12 P. Murphy, M. Whitla, R. Walker, T. Mulholland 7.

St John’s 18(0) St Matthew’s 42(7)

Scores were(St John’s first):

H. Whitty, T. Ferguson, J. Taylor, C. Whitty 5 L. Sharpe, R. Farquar, J. McNally, D. Uprichard 10, B. Scott, K. Magowan, W. Kirkwood, B. Martin 7 F. Robinson, H. Farmer, J. Frizzell, T. Boyde 8, I. Cunningham, G. Bleakes, B. Jones, S. White 3 J. Elliott, A. Robinson, H. Beattie, W. Gilpin 16, A. Mulligan, R. Perry, W. Coulter, I. Ferguson 3 M. Emerson, J. Robinson, G. Barkley, D. Burrows 8.

St Columba’s 44(6) St Malachy’s 33(1)

Scores were(St Columba’s first):

H. Morrow, B. Smyth, C. Farr, S. Johnston 6 I. Short, E. O’Neill, JP Henderson, J. Lawless 17, T. Woods, S. Cole, H. Harrison, E. McCartney 13 P. McAloran, A. Dunbar, T. McCaffrey, J. Lawless 5, J. Pierson, H. Fleming, B. Jackson K. Matchett 15 D. Russell, S. McCaffrey, J. Quinn, E. Quinn 3, G. MacClean, S. McIvor, V. Graham, T. Stephens 10 F. Hayes, S. Morgan, C. Coleman, M. Tennyson 8.

St Columba’s 31(3.5) St Pat’s Blue 31(3.5)

Scores were(St Columba’s first):

T. Woods, S. Cole, H. Harrison, E. McCartney 4 O. Cullen, K. Sheridan, B. McGleenan, J. Hughes 8, K. Lamond, B. Smyth, C. Farr, S. Johnston 7 G. McGleenan, P. Greene, E. Toal, J. Donnelly 5, J. Pierson, S. McIvor, V. Graham, K. Matchett 7 S. Kirk, M. Healy, M. Livingstone, P. Kernan 8, H. Fleming, H. Morrow, S. MacClean, T. Stephens 13 E. Greene, E. McCone, I. Mallon, B. Donnelly 10.

St Pat’s Blue 19(1) Tullysaran 43.5(6)

Scores were(St Pat’s first):

H. Rattray, P. Vallely, E. Toal, J. Hughes 8 F. Daly, M. Trainor, H. Trainor 4.5, O. Cullen, E. McCone, B. McGleenan, B. Donnelly 5 E. Conlon, PJ Conlon, F. White, K. Daly 11, M. Healy, S. Kirk, P. Kernan, J. Donnelly 2 W. Conlon, M. Connelly, P. Mallon, F. McGready 18, P. Greene, K. Mallon, M. Livingstone, I. Mallon 4 M. Conlon, B. Jones, J. McCann, P. Garvey 10.

Mullavilly 28(2) St Patrick’s Magheralin 35(5)

Scores were(Mullavilly first):

C. Whitten, H. Beresford, L. Milligan. M. Milligan 8 A. Creaney, A. Byrne, E. Hamill, J. Connolly 6, S. McKinney, B. Wright, I. Donaldson, J. Wright 4 M. Byrne, R. Green, M. McCormick, R. Kennedy 10, C. Whitten, B. Burns, R. Kennedy, S. Hazley 10 M. Wright, E. Wright, J. Thornton, J. Furphy 9, M. Milligan, T. Irwin, J. Haffey, D. Ewart 6 A. O’Brien, T. Fitzpatrick, C. Lyons, D. Totten 10.

Markethill Pres 54(6) Kilmore 33(1)

Scores were(Markethill first):

S. Mitchell, F. Johnston, A. Downard, R. Hunter 12 M. Harte, J. Morris, L. McCusker, N. Quinn 8, W. Montgomery, L. Strain, E. Smyth, R. Hunter 17 M. Cullen, A. Woolsey, T. Murphy, E. O’Neill 7, R. McTurk, C. Armstrong, D. Smyth, J. Marshall 6 K. Maguinness, A. McConville, C. Rooney, L. Maguinness 17, A. Crozier, B. Downard, E. King, R. Collen 19 M. Lennon, J. Maguinness, P. Rooney, J. Maguinness 1.