Three-year-old Sevie off to the United States with help from Lurgan coach

Little Sevie Trowlan (3) who is all set to make a big impact on the golf world in the future pictured at Lurgan Golf Club with his coach, Zoe Allen, PGA assistant professional at the club. INLM20-204a.
Little Sevie Trowlan (3) who is all set to make a big impact on the golf world in the future pictured at Lurgan Golf Club with his coach, Zoe Allen, PGA assistant professional at the club. INLM20-204a.

He’s the pint sized protege who is tipped to be the next great golfing sensation to emerge from Northern Ireland. Three year old Sevie Trowlen who is coached at Lurgan Golf Club by Assistant Professional Zoe Allen has set the golfing world alight with his talent, writes GILLIAN ANDERSON.

Named after the Ryder Cup legend Seve Ballesteros, young Sevie has a big name to live up to and he is making great strides to do just that. In July Sevie and his coach Zoe will travel to America where they will spend time at the Michelle Holmes School of Golf in Virginia.

Sevie’s Dad Sean and his wife Iva decided on the unusual name when their son was born shortly after Europe dedicated their 2012 Ryder Cup victory to the legendary Spaniard. Little did they think he would grow up with a special talent for the sport.

“We first noticed Sevie’s potential when he was 20 months old when he picked up a plastic golf club,” explained Sean.

“You could see straight away that he had talent but we didn’t try to teach him anything because he was much too young. You could see the way he swings the golf club and how he understands what happens to a golf ball when you hit it right. He’sjust a natural.

“We have converted the garden to allow him to practice and he just keeps hitting it further and further.

“It’s only in the last couple of months that we decided to get a coach after Zoe was recommended to us by a girl in America who had been watching Sevie on Facebook for about a year and they have just hit it off.

“Sevie loves her to bits and she makes everything fun for him and he improves every time.

“We are travelling to America with Zoe in July as guests of Michelle Holmes. She sees the potential in him so it will be interesting to see the work they do with him there.”

Before the family go Stateside they are off to the Irish Open.

“Sevie just loves watching golf,” added his Dad. “ Hopefully he will get to meet some of the players and maybe hit a ball or two when we are there. Rory (McIlroy) has already sent him some t-shirts and we have had the pleasure of meeting Seve Ballesteros’ son Javier last year.

“We are very proud of him but we would be equally happy if he decides he wants to kick a football or do anything else.”

Sevie’s coach Zoe is thoroughlly enjoying coaching this tiny golfing talent.

“I have been working with Sevie from the end of February after I was recommended to his Dad Sean by Michelle Holmes in America.,” said Zoe.

“Sevie is the first child of that age that I coach, probably the youngest before that would be five.

“I always try to mix up the sessions for Sevie and have fundamental games for him but you have to judge what he wants to do. A couple of weeks ago all he wanted to do was hit golf shots so we left the little game until the end.

“It’s a case of planning the session but also being adaptable because after all you are working with a three year old. However, he always comes back and does the task you ask of him and he’s very good at doing what you ask of him.

“He is very, very talented and I’ve never seen anything like it before. He’s a real character but he really enjoys it.

“He’s the only person that comes to me for a lesson and warms up before hand. He will go to the wee chipping green we have here at Lurgan hitting a few chip shots.

“I took him on the course for the first time last week and adults we saying how they wish they could hit the ball like Sevie.

In February Michelle had contacted me to see if I was interested in going to coach at her Junior Academy which was a huge opportunity for me. Then it was a couple of weeks later that Sean contacted me to see about coaching Sevie.

“It will be interesting to see how Michelle deals with children like Sevie at her Academy, it will be very exciting for all of us.

“Sevie genuinely loves what he does and there’s no doubting his talent. He has a long way to go but I am excited to be part of his journey.