Too many mistakes

Manager’s View

IT’S very frustrating.

We played so well in the first-half and everything we had done was good. We came in at half-time 2-0 up and everything was going perfect. We looked to see what the negatives were but there were none so we praised the boys and said that the next goal was going to be vital.

We told the boys that we had to go out and play as if it were 0-0 as the next goal was going to be vital. Unfortunately, I missed a chance to make it 3-0 and after that we conceded.

It looked like they were going to come into the game after that and then we lost Kris Lindsay to injury. We had already lost Niall Henderson so we had to make a couple of substitutions that we didn’t want to make again.

Niall was complaining of a sore groin at half-time and the physio advised us to take him off because it was close to tearing. Kris has a strain on his knee and it goes every now and then and takes five minutes before it comes back again.

That had already happened a couple of times so he had to go off. We’re having to make substitutions we don’t want to and at Glenavon we don’t have a big enough squad to deal with the injuries that we have at the minute.

I didn’t think it was a free-kick for their first goal but we didn’t mark our men from the set-piece. We have to be a lot tighter in that situation. We’ve always told the boys never to lose their men when they’re defending set-pieces but it was schoolboy defending. There was nobody near either of the players who headed the ball.

For the second goal, there was a mix-up between Kyle (Neill) and Jay (Magee), the ball ended up in Gary Liggett’s path and he went through and scored. The third goal was when we were down to 10 men chasing a winner and they put a great ball into the box. Sometimes you accept these things but the other two goals were avoidable and unacceptable.

There’s been a fine line in most of our games so far. It’s individual mistakes that have cost us. It hasn’t been great play that has led to goals, it’s been individual errors and we have to iron that out if we’re going to avoid relegation.