Veterans run riot in big victory

LURGAN 1 60(10)


LURGAN veterans 1 ran riot as they took all ten points from this game.

And in doing so they extended their top of the league position to thirteen points over second-placed Bessbrook.

The Lurgan team dominated the match from start to finish and were ahead 21-5 at five ends. By the ninth end they had extended their lead to 23 shots. The gap was even wider with the score being 46-16 after 15 ends. By the end of the match the margin was even wider and the home side eventually won convincingly by 60-20.

Billy Martin’s rink, which included Ivor Mitchell, Declan McCabrey and Jack Duff, was in tip-top form throughout the match. By the tenth end they led amazing 21-1 and Oliver McLoughlin’s Warrenpoint rink was totally shocked by the Lurgan men’s aggressive bowling.

Martin’s rink was unstoppable and went on another virtually unchallenged run which saw them winning the majority of the remaining ends which was crowned by a magnificent six-shot on the penultimate end. The home rink was a runaway winner with the eventual rink score being 33-10.

Eddie McCourt (skip), Bobby Boness, Tom Connolly and Bobby Livingstone were on rink two and they totally outclassed the Warrenpoint rink skipped by Ernie McGuffin.

McCourt’s rink made a cautious start and was a shot behind after the fifth end, the score being 5-4 in favour of the visitors. However they collected a single and two double shots wins from fourth to the sixth ends and then continued with a great five-shot win on the seventh to bring the score to 11-5.

The visitors responded with a three-shot win at the eighth end to reduce the home rink’s lead to three shots but from then on McCourt’s rink piled on the pressure which resulted in McGuffin’s rink only winning two of the remaining ends and the home rink taking the rest to produce a startling 27-10 rink win.