We need to rip place apart and start again says McAllister

STRAIGHT-TALKING interim Glenavon manager Packie McAllister says that, when a permanent boss is important, he needs to “start again” with the playing squad.

McAllister joined the club as Marty Quinn’s assistant in September and after almost three months working with the first-team squad, says that changes in personnel must be made before the club can progress.

“If I’m being honest, the place needs ripped apart and started again. It is unfortunate but the only thing we’re judged on is results,” he told the ‘MAIL.’

“People need to be brought into the club who know how to win matches and grind out results with a will to win. Some of our players don’t have that and there’s no point in telling lies. Our players lack in a lot of departments.

“They are great lads and they’re brilliant to work with but whenever they cross the white line, we’ve lacked something. I won’t point fingers at certain areas of the team. As a team collectively, we haven’t been good enough and that’s what needs to change.

“There’s a great team spirit and there’s no doom and gloom about the boys. We can talk all we want, but once they cross the white line, we can’t go out and get a result for them.

“I won’t hold back or pull the wool over people’s eyes. I’ve already said things in the changing room and the players agree with me, changes need to be made.”

And McAllister says that it’s what happens over that white line that counts as for too long the club have under-performed on the pitch. It has been over 10 long years since the club achieved a top half Premiership finish and over 13 years since they reached the Irish Cup final. McAllister says that is unacceptable for a club of Glenavon’s stature.

“Glenavon’s a smashing football club, there’s no doubt about that,” he said.

“For too long people have been talking about things behind the scenes; the ground and the people at the club. I just want to start getting results on the pitch because it’s the only thing you’re judged on.

“It’s a smashing place but the statistics don’t lie. It’s 11 or 12 years since the club has even been in a semi-final. It’s totally unacceptable. I believe I can change that around if given the time to do it.

“It’s not about Pat McAllister, my thing is doing what’s best for Glenavon Football Club.

“There has been far too many managers at Glenavon in the past 10 years. There’s nothing wrong with the club, things on the pitch need sorted out now.

“Since I came to the club, the players have been really good on the training ground but they haven’t transformed it onto the pitch. It frustrates me because we get it down and pass it in training and everything looks great.

“Then we got out onto the pitch and its very sloppy. We’ve shown what we can do in spells but you can’t pick and choose when you go out and perform. You’ve got to give the club 100% every week in training and in matches.”

McAllister also defended former boss Marty Quinn for changing his starting line-up regularly so far this season:

“People are saying about Marty changing teams and formations. It was because we’ve been so inconsistent that he had to change things to find his best formation and team. I think that people need to know that.”