Students put on presentation day for family and friends in Lurgan Town Hall

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As a fitting end to this term’s work Class Act Drama Academy students from the Lurgan studio showed off their imagination, talent and confidence during their end of term show for family and friends at the Lurgan Town Hall.

Presentation days in the Class Act Drama Academy are wonderful showcases for the many skills developed and honed by the students through the progressive and highly structured curriculum. Students put their vocal and acting talents into practice with scripted and improvised plays, and vocal and movement pieces.

Students aged four to 18 enthusiastically took part in the recent showcase presentation and received a rapturous reception from audiences all over Northern Ireland.

Class Act Drama Academy students took to the stage to show their creative and performance talents to a very appreciative audience. It was hard to tell who was more excited about the show – the performers or the audience. The audience was intrigued and thrilled to see how the developmental Class Act Drama Academy curriculum allows each child to develop their dramatic skills in such an exciting and entertaining way.

The Upper Primary class, aged nine to 11, continued proceedings with further vocal development and demanding poetry, detailed and precise physical skills and improvisation, scripts and monologue pieces. Their outstanding performances were thoroughly appreciated by the whole audience.

Last but by no means least, the Youth Theatre class, aged 11 to 18, took to the stage with their performance pieces ranging from classic poetry to modern play excerpts, superb monologues and thoughtfully staged improvisations. The strengths of the youth theatre cast were fully conveyed through outstanding character work that shone through in each individual’s performance and the perfect cohesion of the ensemble performances.

As part of the showcase, every student received an individual award of a certificate, medal or trophy as a further boost to their confidence and consequent learning.

Miceala O’Neill, teacher, said: “This studio is a great tribute to the Class Act Drama Academy and it is wonderful to see our personal development programme achieving such creative results for children aged four to 18. It has been fantastic to see the development of the Lurgan children over the course of the term and the support of the parents and schools in the local community has been fantastic. We are very much looking forward to even more drama next term.”

Class Act Drama Academy classes teach children from as young as four the meaning of commitment and dedication with a wonderful staff of theatre professionals who are full of praise and positivity every step of the way. Many students have been auditioning for film and TV roles this term.

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