A day in the life of Conleth

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LURGAN performer Conleth Kane has one week left in his headline grabbing role as Dandini in the annual panto at the Grand Opera House.

We caught up with the man who has been winning rave reviews to find out what a day as a panto actor involves.

Here’s his diary of a typical day as a member of the cast of Cinderella.

“9am: I get up, have a shower then make my breakfast (which is usually toast, eggs and a Berocca). Then I get dressed and either have a driving lesson or just head straight to the train station.

12.30pm: The principals are called on stage for a vocal warm up before the show. As I have three big numbers in the show, I have to do the warm up.

1pm: I go to my dressing room and get into make up, costume and put on my microphone.

1.30pm: The show starts and I wait in my dressing room until it’s time for me to go on stage. I usually hang around in the stage left wing for the majority of act 1 as I never really have time to go back to my dressing room in between scenes. During this Act I have a Michael Buble duet with Mark Adamson who plays the Prince and all eight dancers. It’s such fun to perform!

2.30pm: I usually make myself a cup of tea before the second half, then change into my ball costume as I open it with a huge production number ‘Get The Party Started’.

In between shows I usually go to the gym with Aidan O’Neill (Buttons) and do a work out that consists of 250 sit ups and weights. Then we head straight back to the theatre where I have some dinner before showering and start to get ready for show number 2.

7pm: The show starts all over again...

9.30pm: After the show I get out of costume, make up and microphone then head for the train home to Lurgan. There’s usually lots of parents and kids on the train who have just been to see the show so I usually pose for pictures with them and sign their programmes. Then my mum picks me up at the station and beings me home to a nice cup of tea!”