‘Brazen’ exhibition

An example of Dylan Molloy's work
An example of Dylan Molloy's work

PALOMO is to host an exhibition by artist Dylan Molloy - an exposition which promises to be bold, brash and unashamedly brazen.

From Pomeroy originally Dylan grew up in Belfast but has spent most of his recent years travelling abroad.

Six years in Rhodes with winters spent in Amsterdam as well as treks around India have gilded Dylan’s eye for the intriguing.

“When I was younger I was in hospital when I was about eight or nine and diagnosed with rheumatic fever and I was given a sketch book and started drawing cartoons and that was me hooked,” said Dylan. “Once you open that door there is no closing it.”

“I spent much of my formative years in Tyrone and Belfast but have been travelling on and off for the last ten years of my life.

“It has taken that time of Living Life on the edge, to realise that Art is my real vocation and I intend to pursue it to the end of my days!

“I have left a trail of portraits wherever I have been in the world. Many of my commissions have been for weddings, birthdays, murals and charitable causes

“I love to work with Charcoal and Pencil. I love the simplicity of charcoal, the big bold lines you can create that really jump out at the viewer. I love doing Portraits, seeing the lines in a face that has been really lived in.

“I am slowly but surely moving into colour. In a lot of the Mr Woods collection you can see by the ink tattoos I am slowly introducing a little into my work. Eventually I will take up oils when I further develop patience and have a lot more time on my hands.

Last year Dylan was a Finalist of Ulster Artist of the Year, where my piece is exhibited in the Christeph Gallery in Letterkenny, Co.Donegal.

Dylan has done much of the framing himself, scouring antique and second hand shops and reinvigorating them. All but two or three prints are original works by Dylan.

The exhibition is launched on Thursday August 16.

Contact Dylan on 07516736964 dylanmolloy@hotmail.com www.dylanmolloy.com