Darren is key to Sandie Shaw revival

Darren filming on top of the Europa.
Darren filming on top of the Europa.

Lurgan director Darren Lee has helped to ressurect the career of former Eurovision winner Sandie Shaw.

Darren (30) directed the video for the new single by Neil Davidge which features Sandie on vocals.

Sandie Shaw in her hey day.

Sandie Shaw in her hey day.

Darren said: “Sandie’s management, who I’ve worked with before, who also did stuff with The Answer really wanted to work with me on another video for Neil Davidge but I had too much on to do it then.

“The next video was for a song featuring Sandie Shaw and they asked me again and this time I was able to do it. The theme was the Bristol Riots and disenfranchised youth.

He continued: “For the video I put out a call on Facebook for an old mill and I found one close to home in Bleary. It was perfect.

“I put of a call for a young actor for the video. I ended up using (Lurgan comedian) Sean Hegarty’s son. I’d worked with Sean before so it made it ewasy to work with his son.

He continued: “Sandie Shaw’s bits were filmed in Bristol. I was able to find lots of Sandie Shaw memorablia on eBay. Some of it she’d never seen. She doesn’t keep any of her own stuff. She was really impresseed about the stuff with Morrissey.”

The riot scenes in Belfast were filmed at Corporation Square. Darren said: “Police had a good look but let us get on with it when they found out it wasn’t a real riot.

The filming took four days and then the editing took three weeks. It ended up very close to how I wanted it and they didn’t ask for any further edits so that’s always good.

At the moment Darren is working on two TV shows that he hopes will be commissioned as well as working on music videos with Jason Clarke and Sappyre.

He added: “I’m just back from New York filming with Richard Pryor’s son. And I was in Australia filming with Kieraon Gribbon for an INXS show.

The 30-year-old is now deciding whether to move to LA or Australia.